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June 08, 2024

What Are the Differences Between High Back and Mid Back Office Chairs? 

Sitting for many hours in an office chair during work hours is common. There are many types of office chairs available. You should know the difference between a mid back office chair and a high back office chair. This will help you select the right chair. This will help reduce the back pain you experience when sitting for long hours of work. Understanding the points of the high back vs mid back office chair topic will offer you the right solution for your needs. It will also ensure that you are in the best ergonomic position. The risk of future back pain is also reduced.



A chair occupies an important place in the office. It is a piece of office furniture that cannot be ignored. The right office chair will provide you with comfort and make working a pleasure. This will have a positive effect on your productivity. There are a variety of office chairs available. Selecting the right chair is not easy. The decision may be a difficult one. Out of all these options, the debate narrows down to a high back vs mid back office chair. Each of these chairs has its specific features and advantages. They also cater to an individual’s preference. Making the right choice between a high back chair and a mid back chair is no easy task. If the health of your back matters to you, you will have to decide on this. The proper chair will not only make sitting comfortable but will be ergonomically viable and make working a pleasure.


The High Back vs Mid Back Office Chair Debate 

A study by Cornell University has stressed the benefits of chairs that are ergonomically designed. This obviously applies to the high back vs mid back office chair decision, too. Such chairs provide you with maximum support and the best support to the upper part of your body. Selecting the right ergonomic office chair will ensure good back and neck health. 

As the two main types of  office chairs,  it is important to understand the differences between a  high back office chair  and a  mid back office chair.  Both types of chairs meet distinct needs and preferences. Each has its special features and advantages. The high back vs mid back office chair discussion should be considered thoroughly to get an idea of the perfect back support for you. This will also provide the best ergonomics, resulting in better mobility. The flexibility of the back will also improve. Let us look at some of the distinct features and advantages of each chair type.


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High Back Office Chair Features 

  • A high back office chair has a headrest. It also has a long backrest. 
  • This chair offers the best support to the upper and lower back when sitting. 
  • It also provides support to the shoulders.  
  • Your entire neck is well supported when sitting in this chair. 
  •  It has numerous adjustment options for you to choose from. The tilt of the chair and the seat’s height can be easily adjusted. Also,  armrests can be positioned as per your convenience and preference.
  • A  high back office chair is more comfortable and practical.
  • This chair is for you if you sit for longer periods.


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Mid Back Office Chair Features 

  • There is no headrest on a  mid back office chair.
  • This chair provides offers more support to the lower back. 
  • The backrest of these chairs provides adequate support to the areas of the lower back. This helps to maintain good posture.
  • The  mid back office chair is designed to offer proper spine support.
  • This chair offers adjustable features relating to seat height. The chair can also be tilted easily according to your comfort. 
  • Lumbar support is a highlight feature of this chair. It, too, can be easily adjusted for maximum comfort.
  • This chair is best suited for small offices or where there is a crunch for space. It is easy to move around on this chair. Mobility is an attractive feature.
  • It is the chair of choice if you sit for short periods while working.
  • An armless office chair is a type of mid back office chair. It allows more space for movement and more ways to sit. However, they may not suit every office setup.

Once you compare these two types of chairs, you can buy office chairs online.


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The Correct Choice 

When it comes to the high back vs mid back office chair debate, there is no clear-cut decision on which is better or recommended. But a few things have to be kept in mind before you buy office chairs online.

The points to be considered are:

  • Ergonomics
  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Individual needs
  • Office space or working environment
  • Work habits

The decision on the high back vs mid back chair is based on these factors. Ergonomics is an important factor when selecting an office chair. Your height is an important factor to be taken into consideration. You must also factor in the number of hours you will be sitting in the chair. Most chairs do keep ergonomics in mind when designed. You should, however, adapt the right sitting procedures to gain the benefit.

It is to be noted that an office chair high back is preferred by tall people. It is also the choice for people who have long work hours. Mid back chairs are fine for people with short work hours and when mobility of the chair is required.

Your choice will depend on the work you do and the hours you spend sitting. It is a decision to be made based on all these factors.


The high back vs mid back office chair decision will depend on individual needs, work habits, and workspace environments. Mid back chairs offer simplicity and flexibility and are well-suited for dynamic workspaces. High back chairs provide extensive support and are ideal for long hours of stationary work.

You can easily buy office chair online once your choice is made. Invest in the perfect office chair and ensure good back health. Visit  Nilkamal Furniture!


Are high back office chairs more expensive than mid back chairs? 

Yes. That is because they have an additional headrest and offer more adjustable features.


How can I choose between a high back and mid back office chair?

While making the decision, consider your height, your working hours, the office space, and what suits you ergonomically.


Whom does a high back office chair suit?

A person who is tall and has longer hours of working will benefit from using a high back office chair.


Are mid back office chairs suitable for flexible workplaces?

Yes. A mid back office chair is the best choice for spaces with several workstations or where frequent movement is necessary, and space is less. They also have good ergonomic features.


Which chair provides more comfort? High back or mid back office chair?

The high back vs mid back office chair choice is a subjective one. A high back office chair will provide maximum comfort as it has more adjustable features. These allow you to adjust the chair according to your specific needs. This will provide optimal comfort when you sit for long hours

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