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July 17, 2023

Spice Your Living Space With TV Units


Well, television is part of our lives that brings everyone together. Be it watching a game, movie, or series, we all love to sit and munch our favourite snacks in front of the Tv with our friends and family. Am I right? Such an important piece deserves a dedicated slot in the house where it can entertain us and add a sophisticated vibe to the room. Here is a guide to help you buy the best  TV unit  for your living space and some classy pieces that are sure to add a bling to your space and attract comments from your guests.


Guide to Buy A TV Unit


Think About the Dimensions

A  TV unit design  that is much bigger or much smaller than the size of your living room feels awkward. So, measure the dimensions of your space and go for a  TV unit design  that perfectly fits your living space and elevates the look of your space.


Think About the Decor

A coordinated décor can enhance the living space to a different level. So, be sure that you consider the décor and style of your living space before deciding what kind of  TV unit design  you want to go for. Choose the one that blends effortlessly with your living space décor.


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Who Will Say No Some Extra Storage

We need more storage to satisfy us as we all have the habit of keeping things here and there. Right? What about going for a  TV unit design  that gives us some extra storage space so we do not put things here and there and clutter the  TV unit?  There are many options available for  TV units  with ample storage. Explore those options and buy the one that suits your requirement.


Hide those Cluttered Cables

We all have a web of wires attached to the TV, which looks clumsy when visible. So, consider buying the  TV cabinet for living room  that hides those messy cables and makes your space look clean and organised.


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A  TV cabinet  is something that we buy only sometimes. Therefore, be sure to explore different choices of material available and buy the  TV cabinet for living room  that guarantees durability for a long time.


Think About the Budget

While it is always an excellent choice to go for great-quality TV units, it is also necessary to stay within the limits of your budget. So, first, determine your budget and explore the best options under the range so you can get your living space that is practical, stylish and of good quality and fits your budget.

It's Time to Show Off Some Classy TV Units


Nilkamal Georgia LCD Unit - Teak

Providing the ideal screen and eye alignment, this  TV unit design  is ideal for living spaces featuring a traditional décor. With a reasonable height and width, the  TV unit design  will fit your space effortlessly and won't take up much space in your room. 

The storage racks attached give the extra convenience to add frequently needed TV accessories or some décor pieces to elevate the living room's vibe. The fine finish of this  TV unit design  blends effortlessly with the living room décor giving your space a classy touch.



Nilkamal Greta Wall Unit (New Wenge/Urban Teak)

A perfect blend of style, this  TV unit design  will give your living space a modern touch. The ample storage space lets you keep all you need in your living space organised or add some decorative pieces to your living space. With the right height, the  TV unit design  ensures you feel comfortable watching TV, while the spectacular finish ensures that the  TV unit  blends effortlessly with your living space decor.



Nilkamal Elliot TV Cabinet

This fantastic piece of furniture offers plenty of storage space in addition to raising your TV off the ground for a better view. You can handle wires, store gaming consoles and cable boxes, or anything else you wish to hide, and organise your whole media library with the help of open and closed compartments. But there's more! To give your entertainment setup some flair, use the top shelf of the  TV cabinet  to store mementoes and souvenirs. This modular, lightweight  TV cabinet for living room,  made of smooth, glossy MDF, is a must-have for any living area that enjoys having fun.



Nilkamal Forrest TV Cabinet

This charming  TV cabinet for living room  promises an unparalleled television experience. Its 19.68-inch height creates the ideal alignment for your eyes, guaranteeing a spectacular screen experience from any location in the room. This  entertainment unit  has plenty of room to store all your TV accessories and other goods thanks to its wide 47.24-inch width and deep 16.92-inch depth. It is extremely durable and made of high-quality engineered wood for long-term use. This  entertainment unit  is made even more stunning by its first-rate polished finish, which lends it a touch of grace. Its gorgeous design seamlessly fits into any décor, seductively enhancing your home's atmosphere.


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You must keep the arrangement and flow of the background wall, storage unit, or shelves in mind when choosing a visually appealing TV stand décor. Before deciding on the final best  TV unit  decor design, keep the  entertainment uni elegant and consider all the area's components. The most crucial aspects are avoiding clutter, making an attractive appearance, and offering plenty of storage and display space.

Explore the entertainment unit options mentioned above and more from  Nilkamal Furniture  and choose the best  TV unit  that perfectly suits your needs.

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