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April 25, 2022

Top Tips to Help You Pick a Wardrobe Design

A wardrobe is an essential part of the bedroom, and most designers spend hours designing this space. It is a crucial space because it serves as a storage space for all your belongings as well as adds to the aesthetics of the room. A well-designed wardrobe can enhance the overall interior look of your room. 

If you don’t want to hire a designer, you can simply look for a wardrobe online and compare the look with your space. For some latest wardrobe designs and inputs, you can also visit Nilkamal and take a good look at fresh trends. In this article, we will help you pick out the perfect design for your bedroom wardrobe.

Type of wardrobe

Essentially there are two types of wardrobe, built-in and stand-alone. A stand-alone wardrobe is ideal for families that relocate often. These wardrobes are light and transportable. You may even move these wardrobes from one room to another as per your needs. However, you may have to compromise with the design and space. 

A built-in wardrobe, on the other hand, is a permanent storage solution that can also act as a changing room depending on the space. This is ideal for families that plan to stay in a place for a long time. Built-in wardrobes give you the freedom to choose the design, material, etc., as per your taste. The wardrobe price also differs depending on the type.

Take note of the wardrobe size

You must be clear about the measurements of the wardrobe you want. For this reason, measure your available floor space beforehand to get a clear idea of the size. Additionally, you must also take care of the wardrobe height, so you get ample space to hang your clothes as well as arrange them on the shelf.  

For adults, the recommended wardrobe size is 45 inches. However, you may pick a different height depending on the type of clothes you wear.  

Once you are clear with the size you want, you can simply pick out a wardrobe online by specifying the measurements. But keep in mind that wardrobe addition doesn’t cause unprecedented suffocation in the room by blocking natural light and cramping the moving space.

Be careful with the style of wardrobe

Wardrobe design is a crucial aspect because it determines the interior of your room. You cannot buy a wardrobe that looks out of place in your living space and gives it a bulky vibe. Therefore, take note of the type of furniture that you have in your bedroom.  

If there is a specific kind of wood used in your room, try to find a wardrobe that complements the texture of the wood design. Similarly, you should also take into account the paint colour in your room.  

If you have used soothing shades, you cannot buy a wardrobe that has aggressive colours because it will disturb the aesthetics of your room. To look at some of the trendy wardrobe designs, explore Nilkamal now to see which design suits your personal style.

Take care of the storage

Once you are satisfied with the aesthetics, move on to the functionality aspect of the wardrobe. The wardrobe price depends on the amount of storage you get, so keep your budget in mind when doing this.  

If you live in all-season conditions, you may have to buy a wardrobe that gives you ample storage space so you can put away the clothes that you don’t need at a particular time of the year.  

Similarly, wardrobe furniture like the dashboard, drawers, mirrors, etc., is also crucial to add to the functionality. The number of drawers will depend on the number of accessories you own. You may also go for a built-in locker to store all the expensive items.

Material of wardrobe is important

Buying a wardrobe is an expensive investment. Additionally, you cannot keep moving your clothes from one wardrobe to another. Therefore, you will need a sturdy structure that could stand the test of time while keeping your clothes safe.  

The most preferred material for a wardrobe is hardwood, but you must ensure that the wood is termite-free so that your clothes don’t get damaged over time.  

Some other materials that you can prefer for your wardrobe are acrylic and laminate. However, acrylic wardrobes are colourful, which makes them ideal for kids’ rooms. To summarize, take note of your bedroom’s interior before settling on a material.

Take note of your clothes

You must keep track of the number of clothes you own for a season. Additionally, also take note of other things like handkerchiefs, underwear, etc. This will help you determine the kind of wardrobe furniture you want.  

Additionally, it will also help you visualize the storage space more vividly, which will aid you in finalizing the wardrobe design. Knowing how many clothes will go in the wardrobe will tell you the measurement of hanging space you want and the number of drawers you will need for effective management.

Type of door

The door style is also crucial for aesthetics as well as functionality. Swing doors are more traditional, but they occupy an empty space when in use.  

Sliding doors, on the other hand, look modern and provide a great touch to your room’s aesthetics. Additionally, sliding doors can be more efficient in smaller spaces because they do not occupy empty spaces.


Picking a perfect wardrobe for your room can be tiring, especially with so many options available. However, if you take note of the tips mentioned in this article, you will sail smoothly.  

If you do not want to visit the stores physically and look at the  wardrobe furniture, you can check out the  Nilkamal website and choose from the wide variety of wardrobe designs and sizes. This will save you the hassle, and Nilkamal will deliver the desired piece to your home. 

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