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June 17, 2022

Bedrooms are where one seeks peace, tranquillity, and solitude. It goes without saying that the furniture in the bed only enhances the experience that one seeks from the room. So if you are looking to decorate or re-organise your bedroom furniture and need guidance for a  king size bed,  then read on to invest in the best plush accessory.

With people spending close to one-third of their lives in their bedroom and about 8-9 hours in a day sleeping, it is essential that the bed is of the highest grade. A good bed helps to balance out the physical, mental, and overall health of a human being. A quality bed and  mattress  with enough room to spread in comfort is critical for a restful night’s sleep. Snoring, movement disturbances, and lack of adequate space to spread themselves are some reasons for people to invest in a comfortable bed. Sleeping on a  king size bed  could effectively reduce disturbances in sleep and enhance the quality of life. A  king size bed  could be seen as the focal point in the room. A  king size bed  frame is an investment that one will see when they walk into the bedroom. Learn more about  king size beds  and  mattresses  and explore now the options that you have to refurbish your bedroom from  Nilkamal!

What is King Size Bed furniture?

A king size bed is one that offers maximum comfort and helps you and your partner with ample room to stretch, and also offers storage solutions to keep your bedroom free of clutter. It helps to hide the things that need not be on display, letting you invest in room décor. These beds are currently the largest ones available in terms of size in the market. 

The history behind King Size Bed

So when did beds evolve from simple beds to king-size beds? How did the concept come to form? Well, the king-size bed that we see today has itself seen many phases. During the late 1940s, people in America slept on full-size beds or twin beds. The sales team of furniture stores advertised twin beds placed together adjacently to increase sales. This would lead to people buying double the amount of furniture in terms of  mattress,  bedspreads, and upholstery, thereby generating more footfalls. Then in 1945, they started manufacturing king and queen size beds which became popular as customers realised that buying one huge bed and  mattress  was more cost-effective. Post World War II, people started investing in decorating their homes and wanted furniture which enhanced their homes. Sometime in 1961, “Buy bigger, Buy Better”, a slogan that compared full-sized beds to cribs, caught on, and king size beds have become a popular choice since then. So if you are looking for a bed, buy a  king sizebed  to avail of economical options.

How Big is a King Size Bed?

King size beds are available in both traditional and ottoman divan bases for storage solutions. King size beds come in two measurements as below:

  • King size beds are generally 150 cm wide * 200 cm long
  • Super King Size Beds are 180 cms wide * 200 cm long

These are standard measurements but could differ according to countries and manufacturers. Most interior designers recommend leaving about 80 cm of space around the perimeter of the  bed  for leg room. Mattresses, of course, are custom made to suit the size of the bed.

Why do you need a King Size Bed?

  • The average size of a king-size bed leaves more space to sleep than a queen-size bed.
  • If you are a person who twists and turns a lot during sleep and needs more space to dream, then a king-size bed is the ideal choice for you.
  • A king-size bed offers individual space for couples making it more convenient for couples to share a bed and also their personal space.

Benefits of a King Size Bed

If you are at a dead-end about why you should consider upgrading your furniture, then the below list should be helpful:

  • If you are sleeping on a double bed  mattress  with your spouse, then you get just 2.3 inches of space, less than a baby cot.
  • Research has proven that couples sleeping in larger beds sleep better, and most people, after trials, will opt for king size beds.
  • King size beds are not a hole in your pocket but actually savers, along with better quality.
  • Storage solutions in king size beds help those who want a clutter-free bedroom.
  • King size beds are ideal for people who suffer from insomnia, work on shifts, sleep apnea or restlessness.
  • King size bed alleviates issues like improved breathing when sleeping, joint pain, muscle aches or soreness.
  • If you have kids who snuggle into your bed when they have nightmares, then king size beds offer that additional space for the entire family to snuggle.

From being economical to improving relationships with your partner, king-size beds have a lot to offer to those who want a restful sleep.

How to Plan for Buying a King Size Bed and Mattress?

  • Study your space and find out if it can accommodate a king-size bed.
  • Look at your finances and budget enough to save to invest in one. Make sure you account for the cost of the mattress as well.
  • Select products online and add products to wish lists, and sign up for notifications on deals, new product lines etc.
  • Keep checking for discounts, sales and offers in retail and online stores to grab the best deal.


Quality sleep leads to a healthy life, and the opposite is true too. Anyone using a king-size bed will testify to the quality of sleep they enjoy. It can all be attributed to the luxury the bed offers and the  mattress which leads to chirpy mornings. “Roll together” is not as fancy as it sounds. If you find yourself rolling on the bed, then it is probably time to upgrade. King size beds are now a staple for luxurious sleep. Apart from good sleep, the king-size beds maximise the décor of a bedroom. A wise investment, a  king-size bed,  ensures a long life span for the furniture as it could become a family heirloom in the coming years. A king-size bed calls for a robust budget. So this product demands that customers consciously assess the branding, quality and other essential features to get a good deal. Check for reliable and quality products at  Nilkamal  for the best bedroom furniture.

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