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June 18, 2022

Why Is It Important To Opt For Bed With Storage Design?

With time our living spaces are becoming smaller and homes more compact. Hence, people are becoming more dependent on multipurpose furniture with storage capacity. To tune with increased lifestyle expenses and limited home space, a fullbed with storage space is the best option for modern-day livelihood. Storage beds can be a bed with storage underneath or storage drawers.

Designs Of Storage Beds

 Depending on the area available in your room, you can choose-

Double and Single Bed With Storage Design

To cope with the compact living environment, single and double beds by  Nilkamal  offer full beds with storage space design. The contemporary and elegant exterior compiled with smart organisation opportunities makes them consumer-friendly and popular. These are the best fit for children or individuals living in shared apartments.

King and Queen Size Bed with Storage Design

If you are looking for comfort in a spacious area while maintaining a minimalist look in your room, the Queen and King sized full beds with storage are the best. The queen-sized beds with storage designs such as  Nilkamal Lodgy New Queen Bed (Brown),  Nilkamal Mozart Queen Bed (Walnut),  Nilkamal Czar 2 Queen Bed Box Storage (Wen/Knotwood) are mainly crafted with four spacious compartments to store your pillows, winter clothes, bedspreads and other essentials.  

The King sizebed with storage like Nilkamal Riva King Bed (Walnut),  Nilkamal Terence King Bed (New Wenge/Natural Ebony),  Nilkamal Czar 1 King Bed Box Storage (Wenge/Knotwood) are spacious and gives you a royal feel. Although king-size beds take up a lot of room, you get additional storage space with ample box storage to store extra bedding supplies. They also come up with headboards with shelves and storage space to keep your bedside essentials within arm's reach. Adouble bed with storage offers you the quality comfort and space you deserve.  Explore  King size beds  with storage at Nilkamal.

Due to space constraints, buyers mostly settle for queen-size beds with storage or a storage bed of any size. Since all designs have unique advantages and disadvantages, it is always better to research them before zeroing down on anybed.

Pros And Cons Of Storage Beds

Pros of Storage Beds

  1. Maximise your Home Space: Nowadays, people are moving into smaller apartments with small bedrooms. To counteract the decreased size while maximising the available space by increasing functionality, you need to use beds with storage. You can get rid of unnecessary items or things of occasional use and put them away in the storage. 
  2. Effectively Utilising The Little Space: Wooden beds are used only while sleeping. So to cram more use into them, you can go for a single bed with storage or a  double bed with storage  for your guests to sleep comfortably in ample space. You can choose beds without storage for the guestroom.
  3. Create space in wardrobes and cupboards: Space-consuming items and seasonal items like blankets, pillows, and beddings are generally stored in closets and cabinets, which takes up a lot of space. Moreover, they are seasonal items which are needed only in winter. Therefore, you can shift them to bed storage to save a lot of space in wardrobes facilitating the storage of daily-use items. Bed manufacturers come up with various bed sizes like  double beds,  queen-size beds,  king-size California beds  and others which come with under-bed and side storage.
  4. Lights up the ambience of your house: Putting unused clothes and bedsheets wrecks the look of your home. A king-size bed with a lot of storage space can help you store many new items without killing the room's ambience. It is also proven that decluttering your bedroom leads to a better sleep cycle. Storage beds help clear all the mess to create an aesthetically pleasing look. The best part is you can enjoy a premium look with a storage facility as most modern storage design beds come with storage drawers with intricate designs and natural colours of durable Sheesham wood with smooth texture. 
  5. Saves Money: People starting off their new life journey or students or couples often do not have furniture to decorate their home or room. They can save on their budget by buying an extra wardrobe or storage facility with storage beds which can accommodate their needs.
  6. Help in transportation: Most modern beds with storage offer do-it-yourself designs, so one can easily assemble or disassemble the bed. Moreover, there will be much less furniture to transport since even a single bed with storage can replace the functionality of shelves or wardrobes. For example, Queen-size beds with storage underneath or on the sides are equivalent to the functionality of a full-sized cabinet.  Check out  storage beds at Nilkamal  now.

Cons of Storage Beds

  1. Lifting Heavy Mattress: The  mattress  needs to be lifted every time you want access to the storage, and this can be a tedious and strenuous task. A single storage bed is always easier to raise than double or king beds.
  2. Mobility of the bed: If you need to shift your bed with storage, it becomes difficult to do so singlehandedly. Especially if you live in a rented apartment, pushing these giants twice a year can become a nightmare.
  3. Removing stored items during disassembly: Removing each item before disassembly can become tedious if you have many clothes, blankets and other items stored underneath.
  4. Dirt gathering beneath the bed: Cleaning underneath the bed becomes difficult as storage drawers leave little space to clean dust or liquid spills. 
  5. Difficulty cleaning the bed: Compared to beds without a storage facility, even a singlebed with storage has a larger area to clean up because of the wooden intricacies to be polished.


Sometimes most storage space in beds remains empty since people, more often than not, do not need that much space. However, it would help if you chose abed according to the room capacity, seasonal things you need to store and other aspects.  Buy  your favourite furniture from  Nilkamal  which serves your style.

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