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October 12, 2022

Bring Life To Your Living Room With Nilkamal's Fabulous Sofas

A house full of the same furniture can become boring after a while. It's time to give the old upholstery a makeover. What do you do if you don't renovate your whole house? Take advantage of incredible discounts on new sofas! The Nilkamal's Bring Home Celebration Sale on sofas offers excellent deals on the latest multi-functional sofas at great prices. You can save up to 50% on any lounger set. 

You probably spend more time lounging on your sofa than on any other household item. Apart from being pocket-friendly, this furniture is also designed to make the most of every inch of available space. Various types of  3 seater sofa  are available in beautiful colours and designs, which can add elegance to your  living room

Nilkamal's Fabulous 3-Seater Sofa Collections

These modern  sofas  will enhance the look of your hall.

  1. Chris three-Seater Sofa

This sofa  frame is a combination of solid wood and metal. It has a 32-density foam seat and a back cushion. Elastic Webbing and S springs are used on the seating base for additional comfort. You can also match your interior by selecting either of two colours (Black or Grey).

  1. Wooden 3-Seater Lounger

The  Melbourne 3-Seater Lounger from Nilkamal  will revamp your living space. It has a soft and cosy feel, making it a great place to relax. This functional seater is perfect for any environment and has a soft padding for comfort. 

Fabric upholstered cushions combine PU foam and poly fibres with cloth and padding for the seat and back. For extra comfort, there is a pocket spring in the middle.

  1. Nilkamal's Bright 3-Seater Couch

Your home will look stylish with this  3 seater sofa.  Its gorgeous Marron Beige colour and hues will look great in any room. Elegantly designed, it enhances your interior decor.

The understructure of the sofa is made from a combination of solid wood and plywood, which has been kiln-dried. The back and seat are upholstered in PVC. The centre is made of 32-density foam, and the back is made of 28-density foam. An additional support structure in the back and seat are made of webbing.

  1. Meville 3-Seater Fabric Sofa

Its classic designs and soft fabric make a statement in any living space. A  living room  will look great with this sofa by adding solid-coloured cushions. Also, it gives a stunning look to your living space with its powdered blue colour.

The seat and back cushions are upholstered in fabric. The sofa is supported by a kiln-dried solid wood and plywood structure. The centre is made of foam with a density of 32. For additional comfort, S springs are used on the seating base.

  1. Colorado 3-Seater Fabric Sofa

Make your living space astonishingly with this wine-coloured  Colorado 3-seater fabric couch  from Nilkamal. The back and seat of these  living room chairs  are upholstered in velvet fabric. The sofa understructure consists of a combination of kiln-dried solid wood and plywood. The centre is made of 32-density foam, and the back is made of microfiber. For additional comfort, an S spring is used on the seating base.

  1. Rockingham 3-Seater Fabric Sofa

The rust-orange colour of this couch gives your living space a unique look. The back and seat are upholstered in velvet fabric, and Kiln-dried solid wood and plywood are used in the understructure of the sofa. The seating and back are made of 32-density foam and microfiber, respectively. For additional comfort, the seat base is equipped with S springs. This lounger has ABS legs.

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Considerations Before Choosing a Sofa

When you  purchase a new sofa  design for your home, there are certain things that you must consider before you buy it. Check it out:

  1. Consider the available space:  The most important thing is to keep your living space in mind. Consider a sofa that blends into the wall rather than taking up the whole room.
  2. Check the sofa size:  If your sofa design doesn't fit the space in your home, there's no point in buying it. So, measure the area with a measuring tape. You can pair a  two-seater sofa  with couches for ample living space if you have a small hall.
  3. Blend the sofa design with the decor:  Sofas should complement the set in the hall. Choosing a minimalist design goes well with any decor. Beige, ivory, white, or grey are good colours for a contemporary living space, while warm colours are suitable for a traditional hall.
  4. Choose a material that feels good:  The most crucial element is choosing the suitable fabric or material. You can choose a leather sofa if you want a sofa that lasts a long time and a velvet sofa if you want a couch that looks rich and luxurious.
  5. Look for the storage facility:  Saving space is the ultimate goal when you have a small living space. With a sofa that allows storage, you can place all the extra things without making your living space look cluttered and stuffed.
  6. Make sure sofa arms are strong:  Lastly, you should consider two things. A sofa arm's strength is one of them. The weight of the sofa, components and other furniture is essential as they are very stressed. Make sure the sofa arms are strong before buying.
  7. Consider Your Budget:  It is essential to budget your sofa correctly. Otherwise, you may spend a fortune on it and need to be more careful with your living room furniture. Thus, it is essential to plan carefully. A good  sofa set  will cost you between Rs 25,000 and Rs 40,000.


It is now easy for you to choose the type, design and colour of your 3-seater couch to match your comfort and interior. While revamping your hall, don't ask yourself, "Which are the excellent  furniture stores near me?  Visit  Nilkamal Furniture  to grab the offer and purchase a perfect lounger and  living room furniture.
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