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March 06, 2022

Easy And Low-Cost Ideas To Design A Small Rental Bedroom

When renting a house in a new city, all we seek is to build a home away from home. It is going to your safe place in the new city. You could either place a double bed next to a wall and have some necessary furniture pieces and be done be with. Or truly make the space your own. 

Now there might be certain concerns with space and other utilities, but it is best to with the services one can get within the budget. The remaining process of making the house a home lies on the person inhabiting the space. Even though you cannot do much about the construction or the space, you are still left with a lot. 

Check out low-cost, budget-friendly ideas to convert the space into your dream bedroom.


Start With The Walls

To be honest wall decor might be the easiest and cheapest part of this DIY project. The walls cover a lot of areas and are what the eyes take in instantly. Thus they can make or break the vibe of the room. Wallpaper and wall designs are therefore worth investing in. But remember to check the house rules with your landlord and whether they will allow you to make any permanent changes or not. If yes, go for wallpapers because they are a lot cheaper and more versatile. 

They come in several designs and have textures or prints that can instantly uplift the whole look of the room. When going for printed wallpaper, go for the lighter and neutral shades that would help in illuminating the room or the ones with small patterns as it would make the space look bigger. 

If even wallpapers are beyond your budget or tastes, then go some minimalistic stickers and stick them on areas or parts of the room that you want to highlight.


Fancy Wall Lighting

Once the walls are done, the next challenge is to find suitable light fixtures. Look for neutral and warm shades that provide a sense of calm and tranquility. If you have a stable budget then there are several statement light fixtures that add a touch of art to your space. The 3d light decor fixtures can be well-matched with the wall color and placed at eye level. This would make sure that everyone’s attention and focus are guided to the light source. 

If you are a DIYer then you could even make your own light decoration with a bottle, cotton, and fairy lights. All you need is some imagination and creativity. We cannot guarantee the longevity of these DIY decors but they are surely better than leaving your room bare.


Don’t Forget The Floor

The floor is often overlooked in most decor projects, but it also has a lot to offer. Rugs and carpets are easy and cost-effective ways to decorate the floor. It adds a touch of color to the ground and by using complementary colors across the bedroom you achieve a theme or vibe that you were aiming for. 

If your room has enough floor space, then you could demarcate different areas with rug placement. You could even place a mattress or pillow on the rug to make a distinct area for say exercising, doing yoga, painting, reading books, or doing other chores.


A Dash Of Greenery

Believe it or not, plants are the best form of decoration that you can invest in. Not only do they look pretty but also keep the air fresh. Plus, gardening and caring for plants is a worthwhile hobby that you should surely invest your time in. You can place a pot of greens on your balcony or on the window sill. If you are a beginner, you could buy some low maintenance potted plants like snake plant, money plant. Depending on where you will place the pot, you can choose plants with different leaf sizes and height. If your room gets enough sunlight, then you could grow succulents. They are extremely easy to grow and look beautiful.


Mirror Mirror On The Wall!

Mirrors are not only a functional piece but have a decorative purpose as well. Mirror expand even the smallest spaces by reflecting the light. Get a full length mirror or a wardrobe with mirror. You could also buy wall mirror with beautiful gilded frames to be the statement piece in your room. Today you get clocks or light fixtures that have mirror attached to it. These pieces are rather expensive but also worth the price.


The Right Furniture

Last but not the least, you would have to get the right furniture to set up your bedroom. A  double bed and a cupboard is a must, but the list does not end here. You could also buy additional shelvestables and chairs. When buying these pieces remember to match the textures and colour. If you have little space around the bed invest in convertible furniture that take up less floor space and can be easily stored away when not in use.



Even though it does not look like a five star hotel, your room is still your safe space. It represents you and has elements that convey your personality, hobbies and interests. A lot could be said about you by seeing your room. Aesthetic or not, your bedroom has to be clean and clutter-free to ensure that you live comfortably.

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