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August 05, 2023

Enhance The Aesthetic Of Your Living Room This Monsoon With Trending Table Designs

The rainy season is the right time for home augmentation. With the wet and cool outdoor atmosphere, you want to create an inviting and warm ambience at home. A cosy living room will complement the downpour outside. And your living room furniture plays a significant role in creating a warm environment. A simple furniture addition can change and uplift the décor of your living space. 


You can instantly add a warm feel to your living room with a new  table.  Check out the  trending table  collection to bring home a stylish  table.  Whether it's a  center table,  coffee table  or  side table,  look at every type of  table design.  Explore  trending table  designs to enhance your living room décor this monsoon. 


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Trending Table Designs For Your Living Room


A  table  is a pivotal piece of a living room, both aesthetically and functionally. It combines the whole space and provides space to keep eatable or other stuff. Therefore, you need a stylish and functional  table design  that uplifts your décor. Your  table  should be appealing and in sync with your other furniture pieces. A diverse collection of  trending table  designs, including all types of tables. 


Here are the top  trending table  designs to delightfully transform your living space this monsoon: 


Center Table Designs


A  center table  is the focal point of your living room. It holds a prime position in your living space, both in utility and appeal. Your  center table  binds your seating arrangement and brings cohesiveness to the whole décor. When finalising the center  table design  during the rainy season, look for a  table design  that blends aesthetically and functionally with your  living room.  Check a diverse range of center  table design  collections available in different materials and styles. 


Here are the best  center table  designs:


  • Timeless Minimalist –  Timeless center  table design  never goes out of trend. Embrace the allure of minimalism characterised by sleek structure and clean lines. Contemporary  center table  designs made with wooden or metal frames with a glass or wood, or marble tabletop will add to the sophistication and charm of your living space. With a minimalistic  table design,  your living space will appear more spacious. 
  • Functional Storage-  Built-in storage options in the  center table  are in trend. The storage can be in the form of shelves, drawers, or cabinets in the  table design.  A center  table design  with a storage option is preferable for modern homes with limited storage space. The storage allows the organisation of different items such as books, magazines, etc.
  • Practical Plastic-  Modern lifestyle requires practical and versatile  table design  to fulfil multi-function. You may be looking for a  center table  for your living room, but sometimes you may want to use it outside or in your lounge or dining area when your get-together. Or, if needed, move it somewhere else to create more space in your living room. Plus, during monsoons, there are chances of spills or splashes.  Plastic center tables  are stylish, lightweight, practical, durable, and sturdy. They are effortless to clean and maintain, offering a practical  table  choice.


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Coffee Table Designs


A   coffee table   is an essential living room furniture piece. In the living room, acoffee table keeps your mugs, eatables, or remotes at a handy distance. It is the perfect addition to any living space to enhance its comfort and appeal. Incorporating a stylish coffee  table design  into your living space allows you to relax with friends or family and enjoy long conversations over warm beverages during monsoons. To promote comfort and functionality in your living room, bring home a stylish  coffee table


Here are the trending  coffee table  designs: 


  • Contemporary Charm-  Contemporary  coffee table  designs embrace elegance and optimum functionality. They have a clean and simple structure in quality material to exude a sophisticated appeal. Available in various materials, ranging from wood to metal and plastic, they have a moisture-resistant protective layer, making them perfect for monsoons. 
  • Multi-Functional–  A  coffee table  that doubles up as extra tables or offers extra seating options is a delight for modern homeowners, as they save space. When you want more from your  coffee table,  look for a  table design  with storage options, nestled tables, or stools. Nestled tables can be expanded or spread out when you have more guests. When you have a nestled seating option, you can use the extra space to accommodate your guests gathered on a rainy day. 
  • Nature Delight-  Nothing can be more charming or elegant than a  coffee table  made with natural materials. For superlative elegance, go for a coffee  table design  that uses natural wood and marble. The rustic charm of wood in a solid shape combined with a marble tabletop will increase the warmth in your living space manifold.


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Side Table Designs


A  side table  is the unsung hero of your living space. Placed by the side of your sofa or couch, a  side table  offers the convenience of keeping your snacks, beverage, books, or other stuff within easy reach. During rains, when you are snuggling on your couch, a  side table  beside it makes your living room more comfortable and efficient. Add a stylish  side table  to complement your living room this monsoon. 

Here are the top  side table  designs:

  • Basic Stool-  The basic stool  side table  always stays in trend. Crafted from wood or engineered wood, the stool style is classic and modern. It can be fitted easily in any corner, making your living room cosier. 
  • Rustic Elegance-  Infuse a rustic element into your living room with a  side table  made from wood. The wood's innate appeal will add warmth to create an intimate feel during monsoons. 
  • Eclectic Charm-  Compact, sleek side tables made from metal frames and wood or glass tabletops add a unique vibe to your living space. These can be easily moved around or rearranged, making them adaptable to different settings.


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A trendy  table design  can enhance the appeal and functionality of your living room.  Nilkamal Furniture  has  trending table  designs for all types of tables. To create a warm and cosy space, bring home a  table  complementing your living room today.

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