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October 13, 2022

Enhance Your Living Room Décor This Diwali With a Modern Book Shelf

Diwali is a significant festival for all Indians. Whether rich or poor, every family dreams of decorating their home for Diwali. Depending on the spending capacity and needs, everyone revamps their home. On Diwali, your homes will be decorated with diyas, candles and flowers. Intricate rangoli will decorate your entryway with strings of lights on every door and window, lighting up your home. Your home looks resplendent. But, it's all identical and usual with all the past years, and everyone around you does the same. So, this Diwali, you want something unique, something special and something that stays with you even after Diwali, adding cheer to your home throughout the year. One of the fantastic ideas is to add  long lasting furniture  to your home this Diwali. A piece of beautiful  wood furniture  will enhance your living room décor for the festive season and the years to come. But then you may wonder, you already have your living room complete. Adding another piece of furniture may crowd your living room. However, a stylish  wooden bookshelf  placed strategically will add richness to your living room décor and spark your joy for a long time. Read along for  modern bookshelf designs  that will liven up your home decor. 

Bookshelf Design Ideas

Bookshelves  are classy pieces of home furniture used to not only organise books but also to add beauty to home décor. A stylish bookshelf in your living room gives an effortless impression of your intellectual taste. And these days,  modern bookshelf designs  come in various materials and sizes, making them versatile and easily integrated with all kinds of home interiors. Here is the easy guide to choosing the best  bookshelf furniture  to enhance your living room décor this Diwali: 

Suit your Style

Your bookshelf will portray your taste and style. So, you need to choose a bookshelf design that appeals to you and also suits your style and home décor. With a plethora of  bookshelf online  purchase options, you have the ease of choosing from a variety of  bookshelf designs.  You have the freedom to choose a quirky bookshelf or a classic tiered one or one of those contemporary  wall mounted bookshelves  or a ladder bookshelf. The choices are endless online. Choose a design that matches your  living room  décor and appeals to you. 

Should be functional

You bought a beautiful bookshelf. It looks good in your living room and matches the other furniture. But it takes up too much space, leaving little room for walking around. So, apart from design, you should also make sure your bookshelf is functional. For example, if needed, you can easily fold it and store it away. Or you can easily use it to keep on the floor or hang on the wall. You can also go for a bookshelf with adjustable shelves so that you have the flexibility to stack books of different heights. 

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Choose the right size

Your bookshelf should be of the right size to look good. A large bookshelf may be stunning but kept in a small living room will not look good. And it will also occupy a lot of space to make your living room look constrained. The available space in your living room should decide the size of your bookshelf. When your bookshelf doesn't fit well with other living room furniture and decor, it will look odd irrespective of its beautiful design. So, for a small living room, you can choose one of the stylish  wall mounted bookshelves  or a bookshelf that can be put in the nook of your living room. 

Decorate it

A bookshelf is not just for organising your books. It is also an excellent way to showcase your collectables, figurines, or other decorative items. Just remember to keep related collectables or figurines to create an appealing look. Another thing to remember is to ensure not to place small entities as they make the space look cluttered. Giant figures will make your bookshelf and living room look spacier and more appealing. For Diwali, you can add pretty lights to your bookshelf to bring festivity to your living room. After Diwali, you can decorate it as per the season or your choice. The choice is limitless. You can go for Hogwarts-themed decorations and collectables if you are a Harry Potter fan or with shells and conches if you love the beach. Just use your imagination and decorate your bookshelf. This will make your guests continually talk about your bookshelf whenever they come. 

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Colour coding

You have colour-coded your decorative items on the bookshelf as per the colours of your living room. That is great. But everyone does it. Why not colour-code all the books on your bookshelf to make them unique? Discard the usual system of placing the same author's books together and display your books in colour groups. The same colour book spines grouped will create a unique effect. This will draw attention to your bookshelf and make it a striking centrepiece of your living room. 

Make it Green

Apart from decorating your bookshelf with collectables and Diwali decorations, you can add live plants to it. Succulents in decorative pots interspersed with your books will appeal more to your bookshelf. In case you have a wall-mounted bookshelf, place a creeper or other indoor plant beside it. The plants will liven up your living room and add freshness to it. 

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Conclusion (H4)

Modern bookshelves are not booked organiser furniture but also a vital interior decoration element. Apart from a stylish bookshelf, you can also fit a comfortable  chair  or  sofa  into your living room furniture for a more festive Diwali look. Browse for all luxurious and affordable furniture and home decorations at  Nilkamal Furniture.
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