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October 15, 2022

Discover Amazing Tips On Caring For Your 4-seater Dining Table

The  dining room  is one of the most critical areas of the house. Despite its historical significance, it remains a necessary piece of furniture today, even when most people don't eat dinner together. When planning a celebration or a wedding,  dining table  chairs suddenly become very important. To keep dinner tables in good condition for a long time, it is necessary to take good care of them. To ensure your  4 seater dining table  lasts for many years, this article provides a simple guide to maintaining it and extending its lifespan. 


Tips to Take Care of Your Dining Table

Listed below are some suggestions to take care of your  4 seater dining table.


  1. For Natural Wooden Table

As a natural material, wood is dynamic too. Stains and pitch pockets are natural characteristics of wood. With daily use, you'll inevitably see wear and tear on your wood  dining chairs  and table. A solidly constructed natural hardwood table will last much longer than an inexpensive one. It is also possible to restore and refinish the wood. 


A Weekly and Daily Maintenance Schedule

  • It is possible to extend the durability of your furniture by adopting a few daily habits.
  • Be sure to dust your table. Although dust buildup may seem insignificant, it can scratch the wood. Using a microfiber towel, gently buff the surface. 
  • Similarly, don't leave food and crumbs on the table. Despite their appearance, they can scratch and stain surfaces.
  • Keep an eye out for rings, watches, and metal jewellery when you sit at the table.
  • Likewise, avoid sliding pots and plates across the table.
  • Wipe your  4 seater dining table set  for a deeper clean using a cloth, mild soap, and water. Make sure your table doesn't get wet.
  • Cover the  dining table  with a tablecloth and place a table pad on the surface for extra protection. Using these placemats and coasters, you can prevent heat damage, oil stains, and condensation marks.

For Long-Term Maintenance of Wooden Table

  • Refinish your wood furniture if you notice damage or the finish has worn off.
  • If you have one, keep your table leaves out of your extension table as long as possible. If an extended table is stretched too long, it may bend in the middle since it has less support than when it is not extended.
  • Consider flipping your  table  if it is only used on one side or doesn't get enough sunlight. As a result, your table will age evenly over time.

Refinishing hardwood tables is one of the great things about them. In addition, scratches will fade over time if you use the table evenly. Do you ever notice how beautiful your grandmother's oak table is even after all these years? The ageing process of wood is gorgeous if it is properly maintained.


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  1. For ModernWooden Dining Table

Engineered wood tables  are a prevalent variant of modern dinner tables in the furniture market. Its design requires fewer steps to maintain than traditional dining chairs and tables because it is better protected against environmental factors. Cleaning it once in a while will ensure that it remains aesthetic. When not in use, leave the extendable portion inside your multifunctional  dining table set,  such as a foldable table. The purpose of this is to reduce fatigue at the table and to protect the joints.


  1. For Glass Top Dining Table

When it comes to  glass-top tables,  the first thing you should keep in mind is that if they get damaged, you might be unable to repair them. Don't let that stop your purchase if you love the style.

Some certain angles and lights make everyday scratches more visible. You may never scratch your glass table if you're careful. As with wood, it tends to be unpredictable when it comes to scratches.

Use placemats as a protective layer when handling jewellery and sliding plates. Use water mixed with ammonia or natural glass cleaner to clean glass top tables.


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  1. For Marble, Stone or Concrete Top Dining Table

In case of spills on concrete tables, clean them up as soon as possible

Knives are especially prone to scratches - keep them away from the surface

Maintain concrete, stone, and marble  dining table set  by wiping them regularly with a wet cloth and drying them with a lint-free and clean cloth.

Ensure you don't use polishes, harsh or abrasive chemicals, or sprays.


  1. For Lacquered Table

  • Keep your  lacquered table  clean as you would your  wooden dining table.
  • It is accessible to scratch lacquer, so make sure everyone uses a coaster and placemat.
  • With a soft microfibre cloth, wipe away finger marks.


  1. For Extendable Dining Table

It would help if you took care when moving your table when extending it - rough handling can break the legs. 

It would be helpful if you could get someone to assist you.

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Some Additional Tips 

You can also take care of your  4-seater dining table set  and chairs in other ways. Make sure the room environment is aesthetic, and keep a few extra chairs in the room since they may come in handy someday. Once the occasion is over, clean all your dining plates, cutlery, and other items, including the drawers on your  small dining table.



Maintenance and awareness are all you need to take care of your  dining room  furniture. Keep in mind that high-quality furniture will last much longer than furniture made without thought or consideration, regardless of what your lifestyle is or what your home decor preferences are. You can check out  Nilkamal Furniture.  Many furniture items are available on this site at the best prices. Furniture for the living room, office, outdoor, bedroom, and outdoor furniture is included in the list.

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