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August 12, 2022

Excellent Tips To Take Care of Wooden Furniture In the Monsoon Season

Monsoon is a season of rain and humid weather, and it is also a season of enjoying the pleasant sound of rain. After the hot sunny days of summer, the constant monsoon deluge cools down the weather. It is the time to sip hot tea or coffee and listen to your favourite song. Apart from enjoying the season by doing your favourite task, the monsoon also adds some responsibility to keep your belongings safe and dry.  Wooden furniture  is one of those that requires great care during the monsoon season. Although wood alleviates the look of your house, it also absorbs moisture very quickly, leading to damage if not taken care of properly.

Tips to Save your Wooden Furniture During Monsoon

Furniture made of wood is more expensive and prone to damage if it comes in close contact with water. Therefore, you can apply the following tips to  prevent your furniture from getting damaged in the monsoon season

  • Keep the Furniture Away from Wall 

  • Walls get damp during rainy weather, and leakage is expected in the walls. If you keep your furniture close to the wall, the moisture may transfer from the wall to the surface, slowly damaging the furniture.

  • Please keep them at a Distance from Doors and Windows

  • To prevent your furniture from getting drenched in water, keep them away from the doors and windows. Since the water seeping is expected through the window and door, it may soak the furniture. Move your furniture away from the door and windows to prevent damage to the  table.

  • Keep the House Clean

  • Keep your house clean during the monsoon season. It will keep the moisture level inside your home under control. Air conditioners also keep the house dry and free from moisture, reducing humidity in the air and keeping the house clean and fresh.

  • Apply Oil to the furniture

  • During the monsoon season, the surface of the wood swells up as it absorbs moisture during this season. It causes difficulty in opening and closing drawers and doors of  wooden furniture.  To prevent such problems, you can apply oil to the joints of  drawers  and doors. 

  • Keep them Safe from Moisture

  • Avoid using a damp cloth to clean the surface of the furniture. Instead, use dry and clean clothes. Prevent the accumulation of dust. The collection of dust absorbs moisture quickly, which will damage the furniture.

  • Use DIY Water Absorbents

  • Use a camphor ball or naphthalene to prevent moisture, as these are great for absorbing moisture. These will protect your furniture against termites and prevent pests from damaging the belongings inside the  wardrobe

  • Keep Maintaining Them Well

  • Avoid renovating your  furniture during the monsoon season.  It will not give the best result due to moisture in the environment. Avoid the work of painting or polishing. Instead, keep your furniture maintained well to prevent any damage caused by water.

  • Apply Lacquer Coating 

  • Lacquer coating helps to fill up the pores in the furniture, and it resists the furniture's surface from swelling by protecting it from the moist. By applying lacquer coating, you can keep the furniture without being damaged, which will increase the durability of your furniture.

    If you want to increase the ethereal beauty of your home, you can explore  wooden furniture online.

    How to keep your Furniture Dry after Rain?

    If your wooden furnishing gets damaged by rainwater, you can apply some tips to keep them dry. 

    • Keep your  furniture  outside your home under the sun and allow them to have fresh air.
    • Wipe water from the furniture using a dry and clean cloth.
    • Remove the drawers of the furniture and keep the door of the cupboard or wardrobe open to dry them well.
    • Take the help of a vacuum to dry the water completely that remains in the corner of the furniture.
    • For upholstery furniture, you can apply baking soda to remove the odour apart from keeping them under the sun.
    • Wash thesofa covers and keep them under the sun and in the fresh air to dry and to remove the foul smell of these covers.

    Tips to keep the House Clean and Free from Moist

    Keeping the  house clean and moisture-free during the monsoon season  is challenging. Following some simple and  easy tips,  you can keep your home clean and free from water, even during the monsoon season.

    •  Paint walls with water-resistant paint. Fix the leaks in the wall. Avoid painting the wall without fixing the leakage.
    • Repair your ceiling if there is any leakage point before the monsoon season arrives. Even the tiny pore in the top may cause heavy damage to your furniture and other belongings.
    •  Wipe away water spillages from the furniture. Dip the water by using spongy things or dry clothes. Avoid rubbing as it may cause a scratch mark on the surface of the table, cupboard, or wardrobe.
    •  Keep the wet clothes and furniture dry.
    • Keep the carpets in storage as these are difficult to clean and dry during the monsoon season. Instead, use something which is made of plastic and water-resistant goods.
    • During the rainy season, the number of pests also increases. Mosquitos, flies, termites, etc., surround the environment. Termites are harmful to your furniture. To keep them at bay, you can use some spray. Instead of using chemicals install screen shutters on windows and doors.
    • Closing the doors and windows for a more extended period will not be a good idea as it will increase the humidity in the air inside the house. Let the fresh air freshen up the room's atmosphere.
    • You should also take care of your wet clothes during the monsoon season. Instead of dumping them in the basket, keep them separately.


    The furniture made of wood always enhances the beauty of the interior of your house, and its aesthetic design adds ethereal beauty to the home. But furniture is expensive, and even a little carelessness may cause damage to them during the monsoon season. But by following some easy steps, you can keep your furniture undamaged during the monsoon season. Some carefulness may help you to make your beautiful furniture durable. If you want to  explore wooden furniture online,  you can visit  Nilkamal.
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