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June 28, 2022

Sliding Wardrobe Doors- a Boon to blending space-saving and aesthetics

Are you planning to instal new wardrobes for storing clothes and shoes? Do you want a model that will merge both looks and functionality at an affordable cost? Look no further; sliding  wardrobes  with sliding doors are just the answer for you. Wardrobes with conventional doors are now considered a space-consuming option and a bit impractical. The hinges often come loose, making it difficult to replace the door. Sliding doors are the newest trend for wardrobes as they seem more practical and save space. One can even have a  sliding wardrobe with a mirror  to save additional space. With sliding doors, one can save centimetres of floor space and have more storage space in the wardrobe.  Explore  the options of sliding doors for wardrobes to redesign your storage space.

What Are Sliding Wardrobes?

So what exactly are sliding wardrobes. A  sliding wardrobe  is a contemporary storage solution making it an excellent option for any room with any layout. The biggest plus is that they need no space in front of them, and the doors slide towards either side, making them practical to use. Sliding door wardrobes are also larger giving you more space for storing things and don't rely on hinges to stay together. If you opt for a  sliding wardrobe with mirror,  it solves the problem of installing a separate mirror and lends the room a larger look. When you have a  sliding wardrobe,  you can view the things inside, making it easier to access. These wardrobes work well in small, confined spaces and modern urban apartments or homes.

Different Kinds Of Sliding Wardrobes

Opting for  sliding door wardrobes  is a good choice. With the most obvious being space-saving, there are plenty of other reasons to choose a  sliding wardrobe.  They lend the room a classic and elegant appeal.  Sliding wardrobes  can be made of wood, mirrors, metal, veneer or frosted glass.  Check out  the different  sliding wardrobes  and pick one that will suit your room décor.

Mirrored Sliding Door - The most robust, these doors offer a dual solution. They were first efficient storage and the second being full-length mirror that will help when you need to dress up. The mirrored glass panels can be sided easily from side to side. Mirrored doors also give an illusionary look to the room, making it look big.

Vinyl Coated Sliding Door : These are  sliding doors  covered in vinyl for double protection and a glossier look. They are combined with aluminium frames and tracks, and the doors are lightweight, making them easy to use.

Opti-panelled Glass Sliding Door : These doors have a frosted glass effect making the wardrobe look chic and contemporary. They are available in green and white shades paired with silver frames and tracks.

Multi-panel Sliding Doors : As the name suggests, the door mixes and matches different colours to help customise. They are also paired with silver frames and tracks.

Sliding Doors That Can Be Painted : If you do not like the door's colour, these let you customise it with a colour of your choice. The plain with raw gyp rock panels can be painted to match your room décor.

3 Tier Benefit Of ASliding Wardrobe

Compared to the  conventional wardrobe  with traditional, hinged doors, a  sliding wardrobe  has advantages. Available in various colours and finishes, it goes well with any room layout and creates more storage space and leg room. Let us look at the 3 tier benefits of a  sliding wardrobe:

Helps You Make The Most Of Your Space

There is no compulsion to surrender to floor space with a  sliding wardrobe.  A wardrobe with a sliding door makes good use of the wall in a room. Built and attached to the wall, the door is hidden by sliding panels leaving an incredible amount of storage space inside. An easy and efficient way to save floor space offers enough room to store things. As opposed to hinged doors that open outwards, sliding doors move to the side-laterally. With more room inside the wardrobe, you can add more shelves and mirror features to create a bigger and better impact. 

Adds To The Style Quotient Of The Entire Room

Sliding door wardrobes  can be personalized and styled to suit the room décor. You can get one that has a sliding wardrobe with a mirror which will lend an illusionary look to the entire room. You could opt for coloured or painted doors with different finishes to complement the style and décor of your room. The possibilities of decorating your room with a sliding wardrobe are endless, especially when you want everything in your room to be coordinated and in the scheme. From frosted glass ones to painted ones, sliding door wardrobes have the potential to transform the whole effect of the room and create a bespoke design for your bedroom.

Answer To Storage Woes

A sleeksliding wardrobe is not just about aesthetics. For small, urban families living in a small apartments, sliding door wardrobes are a blessing. They save floor space with doors that open laterally compared to the conventional hinged doors. With  sliding doors,  the wardrobes have more room inside and let you customise the shelves per your needs. As sliding wardrobes are attached to the walls, it also offers the convenience of fixing hanging rails and hooks to boost functionality and storage. It helps to decongest your room and organise it.


A  sliding wardrobe  can be installed to suit any layout and will virtually suit any situation. The durability of the doors because of the lack of hinges helps to clear the room and efficiently serve the purpose of storage. If you plan to renovate the bedroom, you must consider a sliding wardrobe. A great inspiration,  sliding wardrobes  can completely transform the bedroom's entire look, giving it a functional and elegant blend.  Buy  online at  Nilkamal  for a range of options to design your  sliding wardrobe!

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