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September 16, 2023

Makeover Your Wardrobe With These Budget-Friendly Ideas


You value quality and durability, so you invested in a superior-quality  wardrobe.  With the passing years, your once stylish  wardrobe design  can look drab. Though, as it is of superior quality, it is still in good condition. It’s not judicious to replace your  wardrobe  and buy a new one. So, what to do? Revamp it. You can revamp your  wardrobe design  by yourself. And the best part is you don’t need to spend much on your  wardrobe  makeover. All you need is a few budget-friendly makeover ideas, and your old  bedroom wardrobe  is transformed into a new one. Here are a few productive and budget makeover ideas to change your  wardrobe design.


Budget-Friendly Wardrobe Makeover Ideas

Your  bedroom wardrobe  is more than a functional furniture piece to store your clothes and other belongings. It is an essential part of your bedroom décor. Get wardrobes ranging from metal to wood and plastic in various sizes and styles. 


With time and regular usage, your  wardrobe  may get scratched or lose its sheen or finish. Revamping your  wardrobe design  can make it visually appealing again to enhance your  bedroom  aesthetics.


Here are some tips to give your old  wardrobe design  a new, fresh look:


Repaint Wardrobe

The easiest way to transform your  bedroom wardrobe  is to repaint it. Repainting is a very low-cost makeover method. You can easily repaint your metal  bedroom wardrobe.  However, repainting  wooden wardrobes  requires a bit more effort. 


Here are the steps to repaint your metal  wardrobe:


  • For your metal  wardrobe,  the preparation is effortless. All you need to do is clean the outer surface with any detergent or soap solution. Clean the soap solution with water or a damp cloth. Let the area dry. 
  • If the old paint on your  bedroom wardrobe  is chipping off, remember to scrap it off. You can use sandpaper or a scrapper to do so. After scrapping the old paint, dust it off to clean the area. 
  • Get a metal-suitable paint of your choice to paint your  bedroom wardrobe
  • Apply one more coat of paint on your metal  wardrobe.  Let it dry. 
  • Once the first paint coat is dry, apply a second coat. Let it dry.
  • You can use a clear sealant on the paint for extra protection or for your paint to last longer. 
  • A  2 door wardrobe  or a  3 door wardrobe  often comes with a mirror on one door. You can paint the mirror frame in contrasting colours.


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Here are the steps to repaint your  wooden wardrobes:


  • To prep  wooden wardrobes  for repainting, the first thing to do is remove the hardware, such as knobs or handles. 
  • Then, sand the surface of  wooden wardrobes  to make it smooth and remove the dust and dents. 
  • Then, brush off the surface of  wooden wardrobes
  • Apply a coat of wood-suitable primer. Wood absorbs paint, so primer is necessary. Primer will aid in smooth painting and less absorption of paint. 
  • Apply a coat of paint. Let it completely dry. 
  • Apply a coat and leave it to dry.
  • Use a wood sealant to protect the paint of  wooden wardrobes
  • Fix the handles and knobs. 
  • When you have a  2 door wardrobe,  you can paint it in one colour. For a  3 door wardrobe  you can paint two doors in one colour and the third in the second colour to enhance the look.


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Add Mirror Frame

When your  bedroom wardrobe  doesn’t have a mirror, you can revamp it by adding a mirror. Adding a mirror is easier with a  3 door wardrobe.  To fix a mirror, you can use superglue or adhesive strips. It is advisable to use a mirror with a frame, otherwise it won’t look tidy. 


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Hardware Repaint/Upgrade

Another easy way to change the look of your  wardrobe  is by upgrading its hardware, such as knobs and handles. Hardware is an essential part of your  bedroom wardrobe  aesthetics. By changing or upgrading them, you can enhance your  wardrobe  looks. 


You can upgrade the hardware by changing them or changing their colour. First, to repaint the hardware, remove them and repaint them in a new colour. One easy way to paint hardware is using spray paint. Just put the hardware on a newspaper and spray the paint on it. Let the paint dry, and apply the next coat if needed. Once the paint is dry, then refit the hardware. 


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Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Another easier way to makeover your  bedroom wardrobe  is by using self-adhesive vinyl. Self-adhesive vinyl is available in various designs and colours, ranging from wood finishes to decorative patterns. You can get self-adhesive vinyl online or from your local hardware store. Also, get a smoothening ruler. Here are the steps to revamp your  wardrobe  with a self-adhesive vinyl:

  • The first step is to prep the  wardrobe  surface. To prepare, first, remove the knobs or handles. 
  • Then, clean the surface of any dust or stains. Use a soap solution or surface cleaner to do so. 
  • After cleaning, dry the area. 
  • Now, carefully peel off the back sheet of the vinyl and stick it to one edge of your  wardrobe
  • You should start from the bottom or top edge to ensure the vinyl is stuck correctly. 
  • Remember, a strong installation of self-adhesive vinyl is proper smoothening. If air bubbles or the vinyl is not firmly pressed, it can get wrinkles or fall off sooner. So, when installing vinyl, do it bit by bit. And keep pressing the vinyl firmly on the surface for a strong bond. Also, use a smoothening ruler to remove air bubbles or wrinkles. 
  • Once the vinyl installation is complete, check for air bubbles or wrinkles. Remove if any. 
  • If required, you can use a sealant coat to make the installation firmer and stronger. 
  • Re-fix the handles and knobs.


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These simple DIY ideas can help you effectively revamp your old  bedroom wardrobe  into a new look. A  wardrobe  makeover will give a new life to your  bedroom wardrobe  and enhance the appeal of your bedroom space. Explore the extensive collection of modish  wardrobe designs  at Nilkamal Furniture to  buy wardrobe online  for your home!

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