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June 19, 2023

Monsoon Care Tips for Your TV Entertainment Units

We all enjoy the cosiness that the monsoons provide. However, the monsoon season can be problematic for homeowners who own wooden furniture. Those with wooden flooring and furnishings, such as  TV entertainment units  suffer a lot during the rainy season. Although woodwork improves a home's interior, it is readily damaged, absorbs moisture rapidly, and feels damp.


Let us now read some  TV unit care  to protect them in the rainy season.


How To Prevent Damage To Your TV Entertainment Units During the Monsoon?


You must take proper care of your  TV entertainment units  during the monsoon due to water damage risks. You wouldn't want the seasonally occurring rains to harm your pricey wooden furniture pieces because they are equally expensive. 


Here are some tips for keeping  living room wooden furniture safe during the monsoon:


TV Entertainment Units Should Be Kept Away From The Walls


During the rainy season, putting your wooden furniture away from the walls is important. There are changes of leaks and damp walls that are harmful to your  living room furniture  and  TV entertainment units Therefore, keep furniture like mattresses, closets, wooden bookcases, and showcase units away from the walls. To keep it safe, maintain some space between the  living room furniture  and the walls, especially the wooden furniture in your bedroom and living space.

For  wall mounted TV cabinet,  try to take precautions like calling the plumber before monsoon hits. This will ensure there is no existing water damage. 


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Invest in a Good Humidifier for Your TV Entertainment Unit 


Regarding temperature control and humidity, humidifiers are an excellent investment.  Humidifiers can also help you get rid of extra moisture from  wall mounted TV cabinet  in your home. Your  TV unit care  will work if the humidity levels in your home are under your control. 


Wet Clothes Around Your TV Entertainment Unit is a Big No-No


To prevent damage to your home furniture, such as  TV entertainment units,  keep them away from wet clothes. Do not use wet clothes to dust the wooden furniture or  TV unit.  Instead, it is suggested to use clean, dry wiping cloths.

Tips To Take Care of Living Room Furniture to Make Them Last Longer


Do you want to make your  TV units  and other  living room furniture  long-lasting? Below are tips to help you preserve the  TV entertainment units  and wooden furniture in your home.


Keep Distance Between Your Wooden Furniture And The Windows


The water coming through your windows and balconies during monsoon season may damage your priceless wooden furniture. Therefore, keep wooden furniture, such as wooden chairs,  TV unit,  etc., away from the balcony, windows, and doors. This is especially applicable for the  wall mounted TV cabinet.  Additionally, keep the water that leaks from rain on your wooden window frames by cleaning them away.


Go For DIY Water Absorbent Solutions

  • Use Camphor Balls to Protect Your Wooden Furniture Further.

 Camphor balls work pretty well as water absorbents. Keep them in your  wardrobe,  inside your clothes, on the shelves of your showcase unit, near the  TV cabinet  etc. Termites can be controlled with camphor during the monsoon season.


  • Protect Your Wooden Furniture by Oiling Them

 Your wooden furniture may swell during the monsoon because it will collect rainwater. The doors and drawers of the wooden furniture are where it mainly occurs. The best defence against this is to oil your furniture or coat it with spray-on wax to stop wooden furniture from absorbing moisture and gaining weight.


  • Lacquer Finish Coats Can Protect Your Wooden Furniture

 You might greatly benefit from polishing your wooden furniture, such as  tables,  TV cabinet,   sofa-cum-bed,  once a year or right before the monsoon season. To prevent the tiny pores on your furniture from filling up with moisture, you can apply a coat of lacquer to fill them. Your home furniture can live longer by receiving a coat of lacquer.


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Tips To Keep Your Wooden Furniture Dry After Rain


Here are some ways to keep your wooden furniture dry after rain. 


  • Keep your furnishings outside in the sunshine to get some fresh air.
  • With a dry, spotless cloth, remove any wetness from the furniture.
  • To properly dry them, remove the drawers from the furniture and leave the door to the wardrobe or wardrobe open.
  • Use a hover to completely dry the water that is still present in the furniture corner.
  • Aside from keeping upholstered furniture in the sun, baking soda can eliminate odours.
  • To dry and get rid of their unpleasant scent, wash thesofa covers and leave them outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

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Wooden Furniture Care Tips To Keep Them Clean And Free From Moist

It might be difficult to keep the house dry and tidy during the rainy season. The rainy season makes  wooden furniture care,  such as sofas, wooden  chairs, and wooden  TV entertainment units  more difficult.  TV unit care  becomes more crucial.However, following simple tips can keep your home dry and clean.


  • Apply water-resistant paint to the walls. Repair the wall's leaks.
  • Before the start of the rainy season, fix any leaks in your ceiling. Your furniture and other possessions could sustain severe harm even from the smallest pore in the top.
  • Clean up any water stains on the furnishings. Using sponges or dry clothing, dip the water. Avoid rubbing because it could leave a scratch mark on the table, cabinet, or wardrobe's surface.
  • Dry off any damp furnishings and clothes.

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There you have it; we've provided you with some quick and easy do-it-yourself solutions to keep your hardwood furniture and your  TV entertainment units  dry during the monsoon. Look after your  living room furniture  or other wooden furniture and enjoy the comfortable monsoon weather. Check out  Nilkamal Furniture  for stylish options for different  TV unit  styles and other wooden furniture.

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