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October 02, 2023

Optimising Bedroom Storage: Comprehensive Guide To Select The Perfect Wardrobe Design


This article discusses the essential steps to consider when buying a perfectwardrobe online for your bedroom. We will discuss factors including wardrobe design,  size, material, space available, and storage needs. You will know the variousbedroom wardrobe designs, from metal almirah to sliding wardrobe design.  The best wardrobe design for bedroom is the perfect blend of functionality with style and durability. Therefore, you need a wardrobe design  that fulfills all your storage needs and complements your bedroom décor. Plus, it fits perfectly into your bedroom space without space restrictions. Choose a perfect wardrobe design for bedroom  that fulfils all these criteria.



A wardrobe is a bedroom essential furniture piece. Your wardrobe occupies substantial space in your bedroom and significantly impacts your bedroom aesthetics. A  bedroom wardrobe  is the main storage space for storing and organising your clothes and other accessories. Without a  bedroom wardrobe,  there can be chaos in your bedroom with clothes lying around or piled on other furniture. A cluttered bedroom is not conducive to your relaxation as there will be less liveable space in your bedroom. Your getting ready process will become tedious without a  bedroom wardrobe  as you won’t be able to find matching clothes in time. To bring order to your bedroom and organise your clothes, you need the right  wardrobe design.  Explore extensive  modern wardrobe design  to purchase the perfect  bedroom wardrobe.  Read along to learn how to purchase the best  wardrobe online  for your home. 


Wardrobe Purchasing Guide

Your  bedroom wardrobe  has a big impact on your bedroom décor, functionality and your life. The perfect  wardrobe design  has the right balance of style and functionality. This guide discusses the most essential aspects to assist you in selecting the best  wardrobe online.

Here are the essential things to consider for purchasing the best  wardrobe online:

Available Space

The first thing to determine when purchasing a  bedroom wardrobe  is the available space in your bedroom. Depending on the available space, everything else is based. Another thing to consider is adequate space for fully opening the doors and drawers of the wardrobe. Depending on the available space, you can decide what size of wardrobe to choose. A large wardrobe in a small bedroom will not leave much space for anything else. So, measure the space and then decide on the wardrobe size and style. A large bedroom has enough space for any style and  wardrobe design.  At the same time, a compact  bedroom  with limited space can optimise space with a free-standing wardrobe or almirah or a  sliding wardrobe design


Wardrobe Type

Once you have decided on the size of your  bedroom wardrobe,  you can decide what type of wardrobe you want. There are many types of  wardrobe design.  Choose the  wardrobe design for bedroom  as per your preference and requirements.

  • Built-in Wardrobe-  Built-in wardrobe is a  modern wardrobe design  that can be fitted into the wall or between the common pillars. Most contemporary homes are built or have space in the bedroom wall for a wardrobe. The built-in  modern wardrobe design  is elegant and optimises the wall space. These wardrobes come in various sizes so that you can choose the size as per your available space. As the built-in  modern wardrobe design  is constructed to fit into the wall space, they give an integrated look to your bedroom. 
  • Standalone Wardrobe-  A standalone wardrobe is a  modern wardrobe design  constructed to be kept at any place and is movable. This  modern wardrobe design  is perfect when you don’t have built-in wall depth or live in temporary or rented accommodation. As they are not fitted into the wall, they can be easily shifted or moved without any need for installation or professional help. The standalone  wardrobe design for bedroom  is available in a variety of materials and sizes. Choose as per your space, requirement and budget. 


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  • Sliding-Door Wardrobe-  A  sliding wardrobe design  has channels fitted on the top and bottom panels with sliding shutters instead of doors. This design is best suited for a compact bedroom with limited space for opening the wardrobe doors. The  sliding wardrobe design  optimises the floor space as it requires less space than another  wardrobe design  of the same size.  
  • Metal Almirah-  A wardrobe in an  almirah design for bedroom  is the classic wardrobe style. It's made of metal and comes in the timeless design of two swing doors. An  almirah design for bedroom  is a minimalistic  wardrobe design  with a few shelves and hanging space. 


Storage Requirement

The size and style of your wardrobe will also depend on your storage requirements. So, before finalising the  wardrobe design,  assess what you will be storing in it and who will be using the wardrobe. You will need more hanging space if you want to store dresses or suits you wear every day. Go for more shelves or drawers when most of our clothes are kept in stacks. Preference for shelves, drawers and hanging is also dependent on your organising style. Depending on who will be using the wardrobe also decides the requirement for shelves and hanging space. Kids don’t need too much hanging space, whereas adults need more hanging space. 


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Wardrobe Design

The  wardrobe design  you choose will depend on your personal preference, storage needs and the aesthetics of your bedroom. You can opt for a traditional or  modern wardrobe design  in accordance with your bedroom décor and other furniture. Choose a  wardrobe design  with multiple doors and drawers as you need. Different compartments in your wardrobe give you different spaces to keep different types of things. These days, modern homeowners prefer a  wardrobe design for bedroom  with a mirror on the door. This saves them the space and need for a separate dresser. They get a  dresser  and wardrobe in one. Choose the wardrobe colour and finish cohesive with your décor and other bedroom furniture to get a unified aesthetic. 


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Wardrobe Material

Wardrobe material has a significant impact on the aesthetics of your bedroom. It also impacts the longevity, durability, maintenance, and price of your wardrobe. Wood is the most popular wardrobe material. It is available in various finishes and colours. Plus, you can choose the wood type as per your budget and preference. The choices range from solid woods to engineered woods. Then metal almirahs are also there. Both wood and metal are long-lasting and durable. Another popular choice these days is plastic wardrobes. Sturdy plastic wardrobes are available in a variety of colours and sizes. 


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Choosing the best wardrobe for your bedroom can be tedious, with a wide variety of choices available. This practical wardrobe-buying guide will help you in selecting the right  wardrobe design for bedroom.  Check out Nilkamal Furniture to bring home a stylish wardrobe today!!!

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