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January 20, 2023

Pros and Cons of Soft vs Firm Mattresses

A  soft mattress  and a  firm mattress  have gains and losses in structure and comfort. How to choose between them has been outlined below with details about the  mattress  composition, sleeping position, weight of the person, durability, etc. There are several options between  soft vs firm mattress.  Choose and  buy mattress online  based on the softness desired too. 

Definition of a Quality Mattress

Spinal curvature is the topmost point to consider when selecting a good mattress. How the spine is aligned designates how good themattress is for a person besides their preferences. Horizontal positioning of the spine typically occurs in three different curves. And all three curves need to be supported by certain firmness levels within a mattress. Neutral positioning must be the main benefit of a mattress one sleeps daily. Since the neck, shoulders and pelvis are all connected to the spine, the head, buttocks, and legs must be perfectly aligned when lying horizontally. No pressure must be felt along the spine, almost like a buoyant feeling. 

Painless muscle relaxation follows over prolonged use of the  mattress,  and the person's posture improves along with quality sleep patterns. So the firmness factor is one of the essential factors in a mattress for a painless and healthy sleep duration. 

How is a Soft Mattress Different from a Firm Mattress?

The  soft mattress  will also move quickly when pressed, whilst a harder mattress will not budge easily. Different firmness levels are available in mattress varieties depending on what is used to construct them. So it is essential to know the components of the mattress before buying one. The type of springy material used to build the mattress determines the softness or firmness. Outside the inner springy materials, the surrounding material also contributes to the firmness levels. Foam or padding materials contribute to the pressure of sleeping on the mattress. 

Pros ofMedium Firmand Firm Mattresses

One of the advantages of resting on a   firm mattress   is that the body's bony structure takes up the pressure felt. Hence the muscles are more efficient, and there is no tension felt. The blood vessels are also in a better functioning mode with efficient circulation of body fluids. Oxygen consumption is improved in the body as the spine is supported better. The spine does not sag at any time due to the hardness of the mattress, and the body mass is smoothly spread out. No pressure is felt on any single part of the body too. Hence these mattresses are especially beneficial for those who do not have any pain in the spinal column. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers also benefit from such mattresses due to the strainless feeling. 


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Cons of Medium Firm and Firm Mattresses

Persons already suffering from painful illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis should not use hard mattresses; the pain can increase and worsen the sickness with time. A softer or   medium firm mattress   with soft surroundings is better suited for such individuals. 

Positives of a Soft Mattress

Persons experiencing back pain regularly due to sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can benefit from a soft mattress. Light-weighted people can also make the best of such mattresses. People who prefer sleeping on their left or right sides can also benefit from such mattresses. The sides of the body are supported better with no pressure on the muscles. 

Negatives of a Soft  Mattress

Heavy persons can face pain-related problems on springy mattresses. This is because the softness of the mattress puts immense pressure on the spinal column and bones of the body of heavy people. Also, those who sleep on their stomach or back can find these mattresses straining their spines. There is an instability in the super  soft mattress  that is highly unsettling for heavy people. Those who have abed partner may be disturbed due to shifting movements when in bed. The resilience of springy mattresses can also get worse with time. The  super soft  materials used to construct them can wear out with prolonged use, making them less dependable. 

How to Choose Between Soft vs Firm Mattresses?

After learning about the positives and negatives of springy and hard mattress varieties, selecting the most suitable one for regular use is easy. The posture of sleeping, weight and materials of the mattresses are what finally determine what the best choice for a person is. A heavy person will find a hard or a  medium firm  mattress more suitable. A lighter weighted person will discover a springy mattress better suited. A person having pain in the back, neck or shoulders will find softer materials on the surrounding of the mattress more suitable. A back or tummy sleeper is better suited for a harder mattress. 


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Different Varieties of Mattress


Some of the varieties of mattresses are outlined below, with the construction materials used. 


  • Foam Based Mattresses
  • PU foam material or Polyol foam materials are the basic construction materials used in a  foam mattress. The body contouring features make them soft and pressure-free to sleep upon.


  • Coir Based Mattresses
  • Coir or husk from coconuts is what constitutes these varieties of mattresses. They are immensely calm at all times but firm too. Heavy weighted, back sleepers or tummy sleepers can benefit the most from  coir mattresses.


  • Spring Based Mattresses
  • Whether Bonnell, pocket, uninterrupted or balanced spring system is used, the  spring mattresses  are expertly designed for a soft and bouncy feeling. They offer immense support to the spinal column and are ideal for added support. 



    One-third of our life span is usually spent resting, so the type of mattress we use is essential. Several sicknesses are caused due to inefficient sleep patterns. Therefore, selecting the correct type of mattress is a must to get complete sleep. Knowing the different hardness levels in the mattresses is thus crucial and determining. Explore the different firmness levels in mattresses available onNilkamal Furniture and  buy mattress online.

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