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January 19, 2023

Decorate Your Home With Top 10 Bookshelf Designs This New Year

A new year brings new hopes and new beginnings. Everyone looks for creative ways to get a change in their lives and home with the changing year. One of the best ways for a makeover of the home décor is to add a stylish bookshelf to the living room. The perfect  bookshelf design  should be stylish and unified with your other living room furniture to make your décor look connected and consistent. A well-chosen and tastefully decorated bookshelf will be the focal attraction of your living room and your prized possession that your guests will envy. Explore the classy range of  modern book shelf designs  to bring home a beautiful  wooden bookshelf.


Choosing the right  bookshelf design  can be a challenge. After all, your bookshelf will be a permanent furniture piece, not just a décor item that you can change within a few months. Your  book shelf design  must be aesthetically viable with your home decor, accommodate all your books, be the right size per the available space, and look classy, long-lasting, and within your budget. Read along for the top 10  modern book shelf designs  perfect for your living room facelift this coming year.

Modern Book Shelf Designs For Living Room 

Living room  book shelf design  is not limited to storing your books. A modern  book case design  enriches the space and is a beautiful decoration piece. Therefore, to make your living room feel cosy and homely, you only need a  wooden bookshelf,not some fancy lighting or designer furniture piece. Whether a  small bookshelf  or a large  wall bookshelf,  every  book case design  instantly adds character to your  living room  and show-offs your intellectual personality.


1). Open Bookshelf

An open bookshelf is one with an open or uncovered back and front. Some open bookshelf designs may also have open sides. It is perfect for displaying books along with your stuff, such as pictures or souvenirs and decorative items. The open structure allows you to display many things with your books. It is the ideal bookshelf designed to showcase your books with beautiful covers.


2). Closed Bookshelf

A closed bookshelf is a perfect design to keep your books safe from dust and usual wear and tear. Closed  cabinets  offer space for you to store your books and other stuff privately. There are closed bookshelf designs that are entirely covered bookshelf with all shelves having solid wood doors or sliding doors or a combination of open and closed shelves. Choose a closed bookshelf design from the various options depending on your preference or need. 


3). Floating Bookshelf

Short on floor space, but still want a trendy bookshelf? Well, then, a floating   book rack design  is perfect for you. Floating bookshelves, as the name suggests, are shelves without legs and above the floor. So, wall-mounted floating bookshelves are perfect for living rooms where space is a significant factor. A floating  book rack design  is intended for displaying books rather than storing them. 


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4). Angled bookshelf

Bring an unexpected twist to your living room décor with an angled bookshelf. The unique design of the angled bookshelf will create an interesting focal point in your home and let you display your books stylishly. In an angled bookshelf, the shelves are sloped at an angle, one on top of the other, making a stunning design. You can choose an angular  small bookshelf  or an angular  wall bookshelf  per the available space. 


5). Corner Bookshelf

Utilise the neglected corners of your living room and make them the centre of attraction with a corner bookshelf. It is also perfect for people needing more living room space. As the name suggested, a corner bookshelf is designed triangularly to be kept in a corner. Besides your books, they are also great for placing your decorative items. 


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6). Creative BookShelf

Move away from the regular bookshelf shapes and give in to creativity with a creative bookshelf. Let your bookshelf showcase your vibrant choice in an unusual shape, from a guitar to an owl, a boat, a wave pattern, or some alphabet. Creativity has no limit, and neither is your bookshelf choice. A freeform, creative bookshelf will be eye-catching enough to amaze your guests. 


7). Geometric Bookcase

A geometric bookcase comes in various sizes and designs, and the systematic amalgamation of geometric shapes of the same or different types highlights these bookshelves. The geometric shapes offer you the choice of stacking your books in vertical, horizontal, or diagonal directions to give a playful touch to your book stacking. These bookshelves can be open bookshelves or with backs and can be freestanding or wall-mounted. 


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8). Book Tree

For displaying your books, what can be better than a book tree? The tree-shaped bookshelves can be in the shape of a tree or abstract tree shape with shelves perched on branches or branches serving as shelves. They can be small or large, as per your choice. The distinctive shape makes them cluttered-free, and you can display different genres of books on various branches to create distinct areas for your books. 


9). Ladder Bookshelf

One of the trendiest bookshelf designs is the ladder bookshelf. Designed like an actual ladder, they are open bookshelves of a lightweight frame and compact nature. They are best suited for modern decor and are functional to keep against any wall without occupying much space. 


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10). Stair Bookshelf

As the name implies, stair-shaped bookshelves are bookshelves with cubes stacked to form a staircase. These bookshelves are space-saving and enhance your living room looks by forming a distinct reading corner. The stylish zig-zag pattern can be of open or closed cabinets as per your choice. 



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