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October 12, 2023

Readymade wardrobe vs Custom Wardrobe: Which One to Choose?


We'll discuss the dilemma of selecting between pre-made and custom wardrobes for your bedroom in this article. Your wardrobe is a representation of your tastes and requirements, not just a place to store things. To assist you in choosing wisely, we'll examine each solution's benefits and drawbacks. Although they lack individuality,  readymade wardrobe provide price and diversity.  Custom wardrobes,  on the other hand, provide specialised solutions, greater quality, and effective use of space. In order to direct you towards the wardrobe that best meets your needs and tastes, cover the essential considerations, like money, space, style, time, quality, and interior design. So, before you  buy wardrobe online,  here is a comparison of both types of wardrobe.



A crucial choice that may have a big influence on your daily routine and the overall look of your home is choosing the proper wardrobe for your bedroom. Wardrobes are essential elements of the interior decor of your room, in addition to serving as storage options. You usually have two main alternatives when it comes to clothing: a  readymade wardrobe  or a  custom wardrobe.  Let's examine the benefits and drawbacks of each of these options so that you can make a selection that best meets your needs.


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Custom Wardrobe

In order to represent the homeowner's taste, the  custom wardrobe  is made precisely to the homeowner's specifications.

Because there are rarely pieces of the same design, the  custom wardrobe  offers exclusivity.



  • The degree of customisation that a personalised wardrobe gives is the most persuasive argument in favour of doing so. These wardrobes are created and constructed in accordance with your particular needs and preferences, making sure that they accurately capture your style. You can go for a  single door wardrobe,  2 door wardrobe,  3 door wardrobe  and add as many cabinets and shelves as you want.
  • Custom wardrobes are constructed to make the most possible use of your given space. Even in confined or challenging settings, they may be adjusted to suit properly in your environment.
  • With unique wardrobes, you are free to combine several design trends and include one-of-a-kind embellishments. You may select the upholstery, finish, and colour to go with the design of your  bedroom.
  • Premium-quality raw materials are frequently used in custom wardrobes. As a result, they are not only beautiful to look at but also solid. 
  • With custom wardrobes, you may decide how much each component will cost. Since you can keep an eye on the calibre of the components and the craftsmanship throughout the production process, this transparency offers quality assurance.
  • You may intentionally alter the requirements for raw materials and exterior treatments to save expenses. With this flexibility, you may still receive a high-quality, individualised wardrobe while staying within your budget.


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  • The biggest disadvantage of custom wardrobes is their price. Due to the customised design and high-quality materials utilised, they are typically more expensive than ready-made alternatives.
  • The manufacture of custom wardrobes requires extra time since they must pass several quality inspections and approvals at various stages before they are prepared for delivery. There might be better options than this if you want a wardrobe immediately.


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Readymade Wardrobe

The manufacturers design the furniture as per standard sizes.  readymade wardrobe  is available in various furniture showrooms and online e-commerce portals. 



  • The cost of a  readymade wardrobe  is low.
  • One may select from a broad variety of colours, styles, patterns, and materials because it is widely accessible.
  • Readymade wardrobe  is frequently in stock, or the creation of new furniture requires less time because machines produce it.
  • The major benefit of purchasing this kind of wardrobe is that while buying from a showroom, one can inspect the  readymade wardrobe’s craftsmanship and proportions.


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  • A  readymade wardrobe  that is already made must stay the same size.
  • The parameters of the raw materials cannot be chosen.
  • The inability to evaluate the furniture's quality is another drawback. If the raw materials used to make the furniture are of poor quality, it will only last for a while and is vulnerable to moisture damage. Consequently, it is crucial to choose a  readymade wardrobe  from reputable manufacturers that provide a long guarantee period.
  • Additionally, it is just a regular cookie-cutter look, you do not have any scope to add your personal touches to the wardrobe. The design is more or less the same that is available in every household.


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How to Choose Between Readymade Wardrobe and Custom-made Wardrobe

  • Budget:  Your budget is a key consideration. A ready-made clothing can be the best choice if your budget is tight. However, acustom wardrobe, be it a  single door wardrobe  or a  3 door wardrobe,  is something to think about if you are prepared to spend money on a high-quality, long-lasting piece of furniture that exactly matches your space and style. 
  • Space:  Evaluate the size of your bedroom. A pre-made wardrobe may function if the area is standard, has enough room, and is of a predictable shape. A  custom wardrobe  may be created to make the most of every square inch of small or oddly shaped areas. 
  • Personal Style:  Take into account your tastes and personal style. A  custom wardrobe  is the best option if you have a certain design or colour scheme in mind that isn't generally accessible on the market. You may showcase your distinctive taste in this way.


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  • Time:  Consider your timetable while thinking about it. The quicker option is a  readymade wardrobe  if you want a wardrobe right away. The process of customising necessitates a lengthier lead time for bespoke wardrobes. 
  • Long-term Investment:  A  custom wardrobe  is a desirable choice if you want to make a long-term investment in your wardrobe and want a piece that will increase the value of your house. 
  • Quality Control:  A  custom wardrobe  offers transparency and control over the calibre of the materials and workmanship, which is important if quality is a top priority. 
  • Interior Layout:  Take into account your unique storage requirements. Custom design ensures that your needs are satisfied whether you want a wardrobe with a specific configuration, shelf, hanging space, or other internal components. 


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Wrapping Up

Whether you choose a pre-made wardrobe or have one built to order, your choice should reflect your wants and preferences. The price and variety of  readymade wardrobes  make them an excellent choice for seeking immediate answers. Custom wardrobes, on the other hand, provide the luxury of customisation, top-notch construction, and the capacity to make the most of your available space. You may make an informed decision by taking into account aspects like your budget, space size, preferred style, time limits, and the significance of long-term value. 

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