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July 17, 2023

Valuable tips for better health and well-being using Spine - Health Technology


Most of the time, we are glued to our  WFH chair,  either deep in research or working on a project. The long work sessions have a direct impact on our bodies. It starts with a stiff neck and body aches, but if ignored for a prolonged duration, it can alter the natural body posture. Our spine holds our body and maintains its vital functions. But it is the most ignored one. Small changes in day-to-day life could do wonders for your spine and overall well-being. 

The cutting-edge Spine-health technology aims to protect the natural alignment of the spinal cord and eliminate pain. In upcoming parts, we will explore tips that will resolve health issues and make long hours on the  WFH chair  an easy ride.  Buy chair online in India,  and explore a wide range of office chairs, WFH chairs, and gaming chairs.



Helpful Tips To Boost Health and Well Being


Buy a Chair With Full Back Support

With the pandemic, we have transitioned to the work-from-home lifestyle. It is flexible and comfortable. But it is essential to have a dedicated workspace with WFH chairs for maximum comfort. Chairs with lower back don't provide complete support to the spine. And we give in to our natural tendency of hunching forward. This strain our back and neck. Getting a  high back chair  will be of great advantage. This  WFH chair  provides cushiony support to the back and neck while you focus on the project. A  high back chair  like  Nilkamal Belgrade  blends luxury and comfort. It will keep your back in a natural posture and maintain good posture. 


Breathable Fabric Chair

Sitting for a prolonged duration will make you sweaty in your WFH chairs. It not only makes you uneasy and irritated, but it also directly hampers your productivity. A breathable  fabric chair  resolves this problem by ensuring airflow. The fabric allows ventilation that replacement of hot air and dissipates heat, and keeps the body cool. Mesh WFH chairs are the best.  Buy chair  online like  Nilkamal Alba high-back chairs.  It provides complete back support with a relaxed, breezy feel.  


Ergonomic WFH Chairs

A large portion of our lives revolves around our work. It is crucial for our development and success in the workplace. But devotion to work should not cost you your health. Productivity is directly related to the level of a comfortable environment and body. A  WFH chair  that extends support to the length of the back is the need of the hour.  Buy chair  that focuses on ergonomics. The ergonomic  WFH chair  focuses on enhancing comfort and improving posture. It takes away the strain from the spine and relaxes the muscle tension. So you can clock in more efficiently hours. You can conveniently  buy chair online in India,  which adheres to the principle of ergonomics. Explore ergonomic WFH  chair online.


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Adjustable Chairs

Everybody's structure, height, weight and level of comfort are different. A standard  chair  might not be the right fit for everyone. Choose a  chair  that provides adjustable features. The adjustable  chair  is an advanced version of the classic  WFH chair.  It comes with a back tilting mechanism, height and armrest adjustment. The back-tilting feature lets you set the angle between the  chair  and the  table,  keeping your back in a naturally aligned posture. Likewise, the height adjustment determines the distance between the legs and knees. 


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The movable armrest provides maximum support to your elbows. A correctly adjusted height will not cast unnecessary strain on the knees. There is a variety of adjustment features available in the market. Get an adjustable  chair  and customise it as per your needs and preferences. You can buy a  Nilkamal Fyrebird gaming chair  with a 165-degree tilt. Whether in working mode, gaming or relaxing, your  chair  will always support you. 


Lumbar Support

A long work meeting or gaming session exerts stress on the lower back of your body. That gives rise to acute pain or burning sensation in the lower backbone area. It has a long-term adverse impact on overall well-being. A lumbar  pillow  or  chair  with lumbar support will smoothly resolve the problem. Adding a lumbar pillow will provide the needed support to the back. It keeps the spine in its natural curve and cradles your back by taking up the strain of prolonged sitting sessions. It will help in maintaining a straight posture by refraining from hunching forward.  Nilkamal Fyrebird Greta  is a stylish, versatile gaming and  WFH chair  with a lumbar pillow for a strain-free experience. 


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Chairs With Neck Support

Your neck is a delicate zone of the backbone. A single posture without back support will leave you with a stiff neck and sometimes even worse. If you don't care about your posture, you might have experienced mobility issues in your neck for a few days. A cushiony support to the neck will be advantageous in such situations. A  high back chair  like  Nilkamal Glory  has a headrest for a relaxed work experience. Choose to  buy chair online in India  that has an adjustable neck pillow. It contours to the shape of your neck and offers exceptional support throughout your work or gaming duration. It enhances the overall experience by reducing strain from the neck.


Taking Small Breaks

An ergonomic breathable  fabric chair  will positively impact your overall experience by providing support and ventilation. But taking occasional breaks from your workstations and stretching out will be an added advantage. This stretching will improve blood circulation and keep your energy level high. 


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A healthy and fit body is the ingredient for success in every aspect of life. Prioritising your health and well-being will lay a strong foundation for your endeavours. Getting an ergonomic  WFH chair  is a step towards maintaining and enhancing your spine health. Visit the  Nilkamal Furniture  showroom or website to purchase your next dream chair.

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