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December 11, 2023

Steel Almirahs or Plastic Cabinets: Durability Vs Affordability!


The article delves into the vast world of  wardrobe  for all your storage needs. The discussion includes the points to be taken into consideration when investing in steelalmirahs and plastic cabinets and finding the  best wardrobe  to suit your personalised storage needs. Be it a durable and long-lasting  steel almirah  or a lightweight and durable  plastic cabinet,  the catalogue serves you a range of different styles of wardrobes to cater to all your needs. Common types, like  wardrobe with mirror,  wardrobe without mirror  and 2-door wardrobes, are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. 




The blog traces and decodes the age-old comparison between the durability and affordability of steel almirahs and plastic cabinets. Deciding and decoding a favourable solution for your storage needs depends on a lot of important factors, such as the size, colour, aesthetics, durability, security and price of the  wardrobe.  Beyond the storage space and design of the  wardrobe,  try to look out for almirahs and containers well suited for your personal use that are also long-lasting and provide security to your belongings. Let us look through the various advantages, functions, durability and affordability of the various almirahs and cabinets and find the best-suited wardrobes for your humble abode. 


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Steel Almirah Vs. Plastic Cabinets


The age-long debate between steel almirahs and plastic cabinets can be ended with just a simple question about the functionality and use of the  wardrobe.  Let's make a comparison between  steel almirah  and plastic cabinets to find out what suits you the best.


Steel Almirah


Valued for its durability and robustness, the classic  steel almirah  is a suitable solution for freeing up the room and organising your essential clothing in various spacious compartments. There are many different options for steel wardrobes available online, like a steel  wardrobe with mirror  and  2 door wardrobe.  There are also many options for a  wardrobe without mirror,  like the  Nilkamal Willy 2 Door Without Mirror Wardrobe (New Wenge)  online to cater to all the needs of the client. Thewardrobes with mirrors can be of versatile use. They can also be used for your personal grooming. You can find this mirror attachment in  2-door wardrobes,  3-door wardrobes  and more. 


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Plastic Cabinet


The lightweight  plastic cabinets  are a suitable choice for anyone looking for an efficient, easy and affordable way of organising their clothing and daily essentials. However,  plastic cabinets can not be considered a permanent alternative to a  wardrobe.  Additionally, they are also not very efficient when it comes to security. However, they do help in keeping the essentials and other items free from dust and moisture. For the plastic cabinets for the bathroom and wash basins, like the  Nilkamal Gem Plastic Cabinet with Mirror (Mango Wood),  you can see the mirror options available for your grooming. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Between a Steel Almirah and Plastic Cabinets


Some things should be kept in mind while selecting a suitable  wardrobe  for your clothes and essentials, be it a  plastic cabinet  or a  2 door wardrobe.  Both of them serve the same purpose of providing space for your essentials but hold different significance when it comes to durability, style, design, practicality and affordability. 


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Both the  steel almirah  and the plastic cabinets are equally durable options. While the steel wardrobes have a more sturdy, heavy and robust build, the plastic cabinets have a lightweight design and are less prone to any sudden scratches, dents and corrosion. 


Steel almirahs  have a classic build and are available in a lot of different designs and styles depending on the use and functionality of the wardrobes. Many steel almirahs come with a powder-coating finish to enhance the look and appeal of the  wardrobe.  Awardrobe with mirror like  Nilkamal Riva 4 Door Wardrobe With Mirror (New Wenge)  and wardrobes without mirrors are also popular options. If you are looking for some extra storage space around a bedroom with classic and timeless decor, a stylish steel  wardrobe  could be an ideal fit. The plastic almirahs are mostly transparent and may look a little casual when compared to other alternatives. 


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Use and Functionality

If you are looking for a solution to store your valuables items and clothing,  steel almirah  is a reliable and safe option as it provides a secure lock. However, if you are looking for a lightweight, hassle-free, and easy-to-carry solution for your storage, plastic cabinets are a suitable solution. 


If you have a set budget and are under some budget constraints, a 1-drawer  plastic cabinet  like  Nilkamal Freedom FMDR 1C Plastic Cabinet With 1 Drawer (Brown & Biscuit)  are a convenient, spacious and easy solution for storing and keeping your essentials dust and moisture-free. Plastic cabinets are also a suitable option if you are renovating and moving house and need an easy and cost-effective solution for securing your belongings. However, if you are looking for a more durable and long-lasting storage solution, the heavy-weight  2 door steel almirah  is a permanent, fire-resistant, easy-to-maintain and clean solution for you. A  steel almirah with a mirror  is also valued among many, as it adds a little touch of style while also proving to be equally functional. 

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Steel wardrobes like the  Nilkamal Magna KD Office Almira Large (Grey)  have different sizes of in-built cabinets to make storage more organised and easy. The cabinets can be adjusted according to your preference and space requirements and mended into bigger compartments for easy storage. Plastic cabinets offer a compact space for storing all your belongings, and there is usually not much-organised storage available. Additionally, these cabinets and wardrobes are spill-proof, easy to clean, and an equally hassle-free way to store your essentials. 


After making the comparison according to the desired size, functionality, use, budget and storage, the debate betweensteel almirahsvsplastic cabinets can surely find a fruitful solution. Choose from the  best wardrobe  available on  Nilkamal Furniture,  be it a wood  wardrobe,  plastic containers and cabinets or other readymade furniture like beds, chairs, tables and much more. Find the ones that suit your style, purpose and budget the most. Shop for your suitable storage from the huge catalogue of furniture and enjoy a quick, easy and hassle-free delivery to your home.

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