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November 18, 2023

Wardrobe: Expert Wardrobe Organization Tips To Maximize Space To Create A Tidy Space


In this article, we will discuss wardrobe organisation hacks to maximise the functionality of your wardrobe.  You will learn about how to manage your wardrobe  or cupboard  efficiently to decrease the clutter and efficiently access your clothing and other accessories. The organisational tips will include creative methods such as baskets, bins, hanging techniques and other effective tips to organise your wardrobe.  You will also learn about different wardrobe  types in case you are planning to buy wardrobe online.  With efficient wardrobe design and organisation skills, you will be able to get the most out of your storage space and store all your belongings efficiently.




Your  wardrobe  is the one place that gets cluttered easily. Every time you take out something from your  wardrobe,  you end up tumbling many more things. Whatever size or  wardrobe design  you have, without proper organisation, it will get messed up within a couple of days. It will always be a challenge to fit all your clothes and accessories in your wardrobe neatly. Smart organisation is the only way to keep a tidy and organised  wardrobe.  Online stores have an extensive collection of wardrobes, including a  3 door wardrobe,  2 door wardrobe  and a  single door wardrobe.   Let’s learn about smart organisation tips to optimise your  wardrobe  storage. 


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Popular Wardrobe Designs

Wardrobes  are an essential bedroom furniture piece. It is necessary to keep your clothes, shoes, accessories, and so much more. Plus, a  wardrobe  makes your daily getting-ready easier. You can conveniently store and organise your clothes for quick access. Before proceeding to wardrobe origination hacks, let's delve into the popular types of wardrobes:


1) Hinged Door Wardrobe

A hinged-door  wardrobe  is the traditional  wardrobe design.  It is commonly known as a  cupboard.  In this wardrobe design,  the doors are affixed to the  wardrobe  body with hinges, giving it the hinged door  wardrobe  name. As the doors open completely at a 90-degree angle, you can fully see the inside of the  wardrobe  to spot and take out things easily. Its popular options include a  single door wardrobe  or a  2 door wardrobe


2) Free Standing Wardrobe

A free-standing  wardrobe  is ideal for people who don’t want a built-in wardrobe or who keep shifting home or home décor. This  wardrobe design  is the most popular  wardrobe online.  This popular  wardrobe online  is suitable for every bedroom space, ranging from large bedrooms to compact bedrooms with space constraints. In this  wardrobe design,  you are also able to utilise the space above the  wardrobe  for keeping big boxes or other stuff. Free-standing wardrobes come in various sizes and styles, from a  single door wardrobe  to a  3 door wardrobe  to a 6 door wardrobe. 


3) Sliding Door Wardrobe

The compact bedroom space doesn’t have extra space for  wardrobe  doors. A sliding door  wardrobe design  is the perfect solution for such bedrooms. The sliding doors require no extra space, thus leaving the front floor space for other things. Sliding door  wardrobes  come in various sizes and can have multiple compartments. 


4) Built In Wardrobe

A built-in  wardrobe  is a contemporary  wardrobe design  that can fit into the bedroom wall or in between the bedroom common pillars. This sophisticated  wardrobe design  optimises wall space, giving an integrated visual appeal to the bedroom. 


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Wardrobe Organisation Tips

Everyone faces the constant challenge of  wardrobe  organisation. You know and keep your clothes sorted category-wise. Your T-shirts are in one place, your jeans are together, and all your dresses are hanging. Still, your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes, and you have a hard time finding the clothing item you want. It is all due to a lack of organisation. With proper organisation, you can effectively maximise your  wardrobe  space and keep it tidy. 


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Here are some simple hacks to organise your  wardrobe  or  cupboard  for optimal space utilisation:


  • Sort Your Clothes

The first step for a clutter-free  cupboard  is to sort your belongings. There will be numerous outdated clothes and accessories you will not use again. So, edit your belongings and toss out the outdated stuff to free space for the current clothes. 

  • Swap Your Hangers

There is a limit to the number of hangers you can have in your  wardrobe.  A better way is to swap your basic hangers to more specialised hangers. There are various hangers available these days where you can hang multiple things in one hanger. This way, you can maximise the vertical space for better functionality. You can hang 4-5 T-shirts or jeans on one hanger. Or hang one full ensemble on one hanger. This will ease your morning getting ready. 

  • Double Up Hanging

Even if you don’t use specialised hangers, you can better utilise your basic hangers with double hangings. By attaching clips or clothespins to your current hangers, you can hang your trousers or skirts with your shirts on the same hanger. This will save space and help you keep your clothes in coordinated sets. 

  • Toss Your Shoeboxes

Shoe boxes piled on the  wardrobe floor take up a lot of space. Plus, it's difficult to see which shoe is in which box. You can toss the boxes and use a drop-front shoe container. It can easily stack many footwear in smaller spaces and allow you to see your footwear and take out what you want to wear. 

  • Use Shelf Divider

A shelf divider is a convenient way to keep your folded pile of clothes in an organised manner. Using it helps you to utilise the same shelf space for different types of clothes. Plus, it optimises the space and stops the toppling of clothes stack. 

  • Use Drawer Divider

Just like shelf dividers, you can section your drawers by using a drawer divider. It helps you to segregate and organise multiple types of items in a single drawer. Drawer dividers are most useful for organising your socks, ties, undergarments and other accessories. 

  • Vacuum Pack Clothes

With season change, you need to keep away one season's clothes to take out the current season's clothes. To store last season's clothes, you can use plastic bags and then vacuum pack them. Vacuum packs take less space and make space for the clothes you will need in the current season. 

  • Utilise The Doors

Wardrobe  doors are always free. You can utilise them for hanging your accessories or storing your shoes. For accessories, you can use a multi-hook hanger. On it, you can hang multiple belts or scarves. Hanging door organisers are useful for keeping accessories such as sunglasses, socks, etc. Even footwear can be stored in a hanging door organiser, saving you space. 


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Your wardrobe’s space can be optimised with efficient organisation. You can use our effective hacks for better storage and making the most of your  wardrobe  space.  Nilkamal Furniture  has a stylish catalogue of wardrobes and other bedroom storage solutions.  Buy wardrobe online  from Nilkamal Furniture today for a clutter-free bedroom!!!

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