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June 13, 2023

Refresh Your Bedroom Furniture This Monsoon With Easy-to-care Tips

 Monsoon is a much-needed respite to beat the hottest summer days. Sipping your favourite tea on your  bedroom furniture  is a rejuvenating moment during monsoon, not if they can attract termites and pests! Monsoons can damage the walells, impact wooden furniture, and cause fungal growth, leaks, or cracks. Moisture during the rainy season can be hazardous to your  bedsheets,  beddings,  quilts,  comforters  or  duvets.  Soiled furniture can harm the material's life cycle, create anxiety, distress and hamper sleep.  Bedroom furniture care  is quintessential to avoid unforeseen damage. If you are looking for easy care tips for  bedroom furniture care,  this blog will give in-depth details to combat moisture during monsoon. 


Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Bedroom During Monsoon 


Treat your Damp Walls

Do you find patches or leakages in the walls of your bedroom? Leakages during monsoon can lead to fungal/mould growth and damage your  bedroom furniture.  To protect your bedroom walls from moisture build-up, add polish on the walls or create a borax-vinegar mixture to remove patches. Install an exhaust to encourage cross ventilation and promote air circulation in your bedroom. Look for signs like wet patches on the floor, which can occur due to floor moisture absorption or faulty plumbing. If you encounter wet patches on the ceilings or corners, a possible drainage block can cause water to seep into the walls. Sometimes poor ventilation can cause condensation and cause dampness all over your walls. 

Allow Cross Ventilation

Poor ventilation can cause moisture build-up in your bedroom, hampering your wooden cots,  mattress,  and other furnishings. Wooden furniture, bedroom doors,  wardrobes,  and bedroom windows get musty during monsoon leading to mould formations. A stale and dull smell adding to other respiratory fungal infections during monsoon can be unpleasant. Cross-ventilation can help maintain humidity levels within the home and prevent musty rain smells. 


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Clean Your Upholstery

One essential tip to follow throughout the monsoon is to thoroughly clean your bedroom curtains,  quilts,  bedsheets,  comforters,  and other upholstery during the monsoon. If you do not have the time, hire a professional and deep clean all your upholsteries before the onset of the monsoon. Humid air can damage your mattress and lead to fungal growth and cause infections. If you are prone to skin allergies, clean the duvet covers and dry them properly before using them again during the monsoon. If you have a damp mattress, purchase a new mattress that suits all weather conditions and helps air circulation.  Coir mattress  can keep your bed dry, give resistance to termites and be skin-friendly. 


Use a Diffuser

DIffuser can add a mild scent to your bedroom, eliminating the musty rain smells. It helps in enhancing circulation and air filtration. Use camphor in your bedroom to prevent mosquitoes and flies during monsoon. Put silica packets to absorb moisture in your mattress.


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Use a Dehumidifier

A Dehumidifier machine helps lower the moisture levels in your bedroom and prevent dust mites, moulds, etc. 


Put Mattress Covers

For appropriate  mattress care,  use a plastic cover over yourbed during the monsoon to wick away moisture from your mattress. Additionally, buy a mattress protector to keep the mattress fungal-free and moisture-free for long periods. Waterproof mattress protectors can enhance mattress hygiene and durability.


Store Moisture-free

Before storing your  pillows,  duvets,  comforters,  quilts,  and  bedsheets  in the closet, check for dryness and add silica gel to absorb moisture. Keeping your pillows,  duvets,  bedsheets,  quilts  and covers properly in dry storage can prevent mould growth.


Keep your Bed Away from Windows

Windows can leak the rainwater inside your bedroom during monsoon. For proper  bed care,  keep your mattress,  bedsheets,  beddings  and cot away from windows to prevent moisture build-up. If you have movable cupboards or wardrobes in your bedroom, pull them away from your bedroom walls.


Thorough Cleaning

Clean your floor and room using disinfectants and combat the humidity within your bedroom. Replace damaged tiles before monsoon because they can become breeding grounds for moss and algae. Dust your  bedroom furniture  with a moist-free cloth. If you encounter moulds, wipe them, spray liquid soap water and dry them. Use bleach to remove mildew from bedroom tiles, curtains, walls and mats. Iron your  bedsheets  and  comforters  to prevent fungal formation. 


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Polish Wooden Furniture

Wooden  bedroom furniture  is often susceptible to monsoon damage. Keep damp cloths away from wooden  bedroom furniture  and provide oil protection. Tips for  wooden furniture care  include using walnut or linseed oil to waterproof your wooden cot or cupboards. Put absorbing agents like silica gel powders, naphthalene balls or neem leaves in your wooden furniture.


Dust Your Mattress

Dust your mattress, flip them once in two weeks and store them in a damp-free place as part of  mattress care.  It will prevent bacteria and bed bugs on your favourite mattress. Also, it will reduce the time for the microbes to settle down on one side of the mattress. If possible, dry your mattress under the sunlight during pre-monsoon or post-monsoon to eliminate germs, moulds and unpleasant odour.


Change Your Bedsheets

Another pro tip is to change your bedsheets frequently to maintain a healthy bedroom environment during monsoon. 


Roll Away Your Rugs

Fancy rugs or bedroom carpets can trap excessive moisture and cause a smelly room. Store them in a dry place and use them post-monsoon. 


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Implement appropriate tips to combat moisture build-up and prevent rain from ruining your  bedroom furniture.  If you want to escape into your cosy bedroom and enjoy the monsoon, follow  wooden furniture care  and prevent undue damage from mildew moulds or mosses. Fix the seepage wrecking your walls, change your damp mattress, use dehumidifiers, wash your  beddings  regularly, clean your bedroom and allow cross-ventilation to enjoy moisture-free monsoon at home.  Nilkamal Furniture  has a variety of mattresses and bed collections at affordable price range catering to your needs.

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