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April 26, 2023

Why is It Important to Choose the Ideal Mattress According to Your Bed Design?

Working hard is essential and exercises the mind and body fruitfully. But after working hours, it is necessary to get refreshed by sleeping comfortably too. Health experts agree that without good quality sleep, both the body and the mind cannot produce optimum results. Also, there will be several complications in overall health and deterioration in the long run. So getting a snug sleep is beneficial mentally and bodily for everybody. Read along to know how essential its to choose a  mattress  according to  bed design.


Benefits of Good Sleep

The physical benefits of sleep include relaxation of the muscles in the body and rejuvenation of all the other systems too. The lost energy gets retrieved in the most influential manner incomparable to the best diet followed. What a tight sleep can do to the body systems, the best of diet and exercise plans falls short by a significant margin. 


Experts conducting a sleep study showed that losing a couple of sleep hours every day over 14 days hurt the neurobehavioral aspect of a person. The attention span gets decreases, and loss of memory occurs. 


Hence adequate sleep time, between six to eight hours every day, is a must for every person to exercise cognitive function for new ideas innovatively. So having an  best mattress for bed  is essential for a complimenting  bed design. 


Importance of the Best Mattress for Bed

Whilst an ideal  mattress  accentuates sleep quality, a bad mattress can disturb you in  bed. This will result in waking up exhausted and groggy sans sleep. Hence having the best mattress will solve several sleep-related issues. You can  buy mattress online  to enjoy the benefits of hassle-free home delivery. 


Different Mattress Types for Varying Needs

Scroll through some of the characters of different mattress varieties available today to make an informed decision. 


  • Spring Mattress

These  spring mattresses  are constructed using either Bonnel springs or pocket springs within. The springs maintain the firmness of the bedding and can be adjusted as required using different padding materials. The mattresses give a complete sleep pattern with ample ventilation due to the spaces maintained between the springs. There is excellent support for the body, and antimicrobial technology is also imbibed within them. Pocket springs have individual springs in separate pockets, whilst the Bonnel springs are hourglass-shaped and connected through a coil system. 


  • Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses  are constructed with different kinds of foam, such as memory foam. Depending on the technology used, they are immensely soft at the surface and have different firmness levels below. The body weight of the person is distributed evenly, promoting uniform sleep. The open cell pattern available in memory foam ensures that no body heat gets retained within. 


  • Orthopaedic Mattress

Orthopaedic mattresses  are modern mattresses that provide a unique advantage for people experiencing pain in the neck or back. With added firmness, they give immense support to the pressure points of the body, like the shoulders, neck and hips. The spinal column is therefore aligned properly, and any pain in the back is alleviated effectively. 


  • Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are crafted using latex rubber which is a natural product and can adapt to the body most effectively. They are highly flexible and maintain the temperature of the mattress rather well. With a firm texture that is just right for the body, the mattress can be an excellent solution for light sleepers. 


  • Hybrid mattresses : are made using foam material and latex that provides flexibly firm support to the body. The resultant mattress gets contoured to the body just enough so that different kinds of sleepers can use it. The lightweight mattress is also easy to care for and durable to use. There is much air circulation for sound temperature regulation within the mattress. 


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Different Bed Designs for Bedrooms


  • Box Bed

Box bed is made using typically one type of material in the  bed  frame. The box-type storage below can be used for the storage of different kinds of items in the home. This makes space for other uses around the house. You can choose between drawer-type storage or top-box storage as required. 


  • Platform Bed

This is one of the oldest bed patterns and is available in varying size options. You can choose between short detachable legs or long legs available in this bed pattern. 


  • Bunk Bed

Abunk bed is a two beds placed one above the other constructively. This concept saves space that may be used for other purposes. Such beds are typically seen in children's bedrooms and boarding schools. 


  • Sofa Cum Bed

A  sofa cum bed  combines the sofa and bed furniture concept into one. The bed may be pulled out from under the sofa whenever required and pushed back to save space. It can be bought in varying size options. 


  • Floor Bed

A floor bed as the name suggests, these are practically floor-height beds. Although adding a mattress will increase the height of the bedding, some people do prefer such floor-style beds that lack legs. 


  • Canopy Bed

Canopy beds have a surrounding feature on the top of the bed to hang curtains or mosquito nets. They help keep warm and keep mosquitoes or other airborne pests away when sleeping. 


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After knowing about the different bed patterns and mattresses, you can decide based on your sleeping style and preferences. Nilkamal has a wide range of bed patterns and mattress varieties that can conveniently cater to your needs. With exciting offers and affordable prices, you can  buy bed online  in your budget, bed pattern and mattress variety as needed. Check out the varying bed size options like king size bed, queen size bed, single size bed, bunk bed and double bed. Select beds with storage if needed, like box storage or hydraulic storage.  Buy mattress online  from  Nilkamal Furniture  based on your sleeping position and the required size based on the design of the bed. There are exclusive online-only products available that can be bought from the comfort of your home.

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