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October 04, 2023

Top 10 Ways To Maximise Your Wardrobe Functionality

In this article, we will discuss the best ways to enhance the value and functionality of your  wardrobe design.  With time, your wardrobe gets stuffed with things you keep on purchasing. Plus, you may feel your  wardrobe design  is not contemporary as time passes. In the following article, you will learn practical and easy ways to make your  modern wardrobe design  more functional. This article will discuss everything from decluttering to knowing about a trendy  wardrobe design for bedroom  and from making use of the doors to efficient shelve utilisation. By the end of the article, you can maximise the value of your wardrobe space.



Your wardrobe is your bedroom essential. Whether getting ready for work, a casual outing, keeping all your scarves together, or keeping your winter coats safe, your wardrobe plays the leading role in these functions. However, with time, your wardrobe can get cluttered. This makes it difficult to find matching clothes readily or space for your recent clothes purchase. With less space in your wardrobe, you are forced to keep your clothes outside. So, your bedroom needs to be clearer. 


You may think utilising the same wardrobe space to make more room is impossible. You need extra storage space or revamp your  wardrobe design  to accommodate all your clothes. Before you start browsing for how to upgrade your  wardrobe design for bedroom,  read the following tips. These practical and fun tips will help you organise your wardrobe optimally, enhance the value of your existing  wardrobe design  and help you buy the right  wardrobe design

Ideas To Increase The Value Of Your Wardrobe


With simple ideas, you can overhaul your old  wardrobe design  and turn it into a  modern wardrobe design  for optimal storage space. 


  • Sort Your Clothes

One of the biggest reasons you feel your   wardrobe design for bedroom   needs to be updated is your overflowing clothes. An overflowing wardrobe results from hoarding clothes and accessories you no longer use or remember. That long fur coat, which was trendy 10 years ago, is still in the back of your wardrobe, waiting to be worn again once it is back in trend. So, are your expensive jeans which no longer fit you? You no longer wear them but are also unable to part with them. So, to make space in your wardrobe, sort all your clothes. The clothes that no longer fit you or you will never wear discard them. Your expensive party clothes are worn once in a while. 


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  • Organise Your Wardrobe

Regular usage results in the mixing of your clothes. Therefore, you cannot find the clothing item you are looking for after a while without disrupting your whole wardrobe. An organised wardrobe is convenient and saves you time when you get ready. So, rearrange and organise your wardrobe once a month or in a few weeks. A  wardrobe with drawer  options is handy to organise clothes as per type. You can easily segregate clothes and store them efficiently in a  wardrobe with drawer  and shelf design. Keep one type of clothing in one place to make your life convenient. An organised wardrobe makes your wardrobe feel spacious and gives you a new-looking  wardrobe design


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  • Optimise Floor Space

Most often, your hanging clothes tend to occupy a majority of the floor space of your wardrobe. Long-hanging clothes leave no floor or shelf space to keep other clothes. This results in a space crunch in your wardrobe. Hanging all your longer clothes at one end of your wardrobe to optimise the floor space. You can hang clothes as per their length. So, the longest hangs will be at one side and the smallest at the other. This will create floor space to keep your stackable or folded clothes. 


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  • Wardrobe With Mirror

Most people have a  wardrobe design for bedroom  without a mirror. Then they need a separatedresser or mirror to get ready. Opt for a  wardrobe with mirror  to optimise your bedroom space and add volume and light. A  wardrobe with mirror  can transform the feel of your space and enhance the functionality of your  modern wardrobe design,  as it curtails the requirement for a dresser or separate wall mirror. This saves your bedroom space and money. Plus, a  wooden almirah design  with a mirror reflects the lights and makes your bedroom look spacious. 

  • Flexible Rack Wardrobe

When buying a new wardrobe, you can select a  modern wardrobe design  with flexible features such as adjustable shelves or racks. A  wooden almirah design  with racks or shelves allows you to adjust the shelf space as per your requirements. You can remove a rack or add shelves to store different clothes when you need a larger shelf. 


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  • Add Visual Appeal

Your wardrobe is an essential part of your bedroom. The  wardrobe design  plays a crucial role in setting the tone and visual appeal of your bedroom. A colourful wardrobe sets the tone and décor of your bedroom as you wish. 


  • Illuminate Your Wardrobe

Most wardrobes don’t come with a light fitting. So, searching for a particular thing in a dark wardrobe becomes difficult. You can opt for a  modern wardrobe design  with fitted lights or get lights fitted for better illumination for the accessible location of clothes. 


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  • Utilise Upper Space

Most wardrobes come with a high upper shelf or no storage space at the top. High shelves are often left empty as they are not easily reachable. You can utilise the upper space to keep your seasonal heavy clothes such as coats or jackets or clothes you wear occasionally. When buying a new wardrobe, look for a  wardrobe design  with upper storage, as it is helpful to keep extra stuff. 


  • Utilise Wardrobe Doors

The doors of your wardrobe are mostly left unused. You can maximise your wardrobe value by utilising the doors for storage. With door fixtures with hooks and hanging options, you can store small accessories on the doors, such as belts, ties, and scarves. 


  • Sliding Door Wardrobe

Investing in a  wardrobe design  with sliding doors adds valuable space to your bedroom. This helps you save space the wardrobe doors would take to open them. 


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Choosing the right  wardrobe design  can enhance the functionality and appeal of your bedroom. With these simple ideas, you can optimise the value of your wardrobe and organise your clothes efficiently.  Nilkamal Furniture  offers a wide selection of  wardrobe designs  to suit every décor, space and budget. From the extensive catalogue, you will find the perfect  wardrobe design  for your home!!!!

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