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October 14, 2022

Trendy TV Unit Designs to Enhance Your Living Room Décor This Festive Season

We Indians love to decorate our homes for every occasion. During festivals, we go all out on our home decorations. From new paint to new furniture and festive decorations, we do everything possible to enhance the looks of our homes during Diwali. So, it's no wonder, this festive season, you, too, are looking for unique ways to change the decor of your living room. 

Just a change in your living room enhance your home interiors. And you know what you want, a stylish  TV cabinet  for your living room. But, not sure what type of  TV units design  will suit your home. You won’t  buy TV cabinet  that is not going with your home décor. Also, you don't want to  buy TV cabinet  that is outdated. Here we have the most popular  TV units design  that are trendy and functional.

Popular TV Unit Designs

TV units  have become a popular furniture piece. However, aTV unit is not a piece of furniture to display your television set. It is much more that. It's a complete  entertainment unit  where you can organise your television, music system, speakers, figurines, and much more. These days,  TV cabinet design  concepts are planned to be the centrepieces of your living room and be functional for you. Contemporary  TV unit furniture  is the perfect amalgamation of optics with multi-functionality. When you search for  TV units online,  you see so many designs and get confused. So, we have chosen the most popular online designs from the  TV units  for you. You can choose the best  TV cabinet  from these for your living room as per your requirement and choice. Here are some of the trendies designs for you to choose from:

Modern TV Unit Design

Only a modern-style TV unit will do for your modern living room. A modern TV unit with a modern and minimalist design will enhance your living room. Itcome in a variety of materials and finishes. You can choose from shiny wood veneers to matt finishes or hardwood panels to metal ones. They have closed and open  shelves  that you can use for storage and display. With its sleek design, your living room will look stylish and fuss-free. Also, most modern  TV unit furniture  come with storage options, which are perfect for storing other things in the cabinets. You can choose as per your living room size, décor, space available, and your requirement. 

Low shelf TV Unit Design

A low-shelf TV unit design is ideal when you want to display more than your TV. You can use it to reveal your CD player, DVDs, books, etc. It suits both a large and small living room. The low height enables an unobstructed view of your  living room  décor. Also, some low-shelf TV unit designs come with storage options so that you can store various things in them. 

Corner TV Unit Design

The corner TV unit design is ideal for boosting your living room looks when you have limited space or a small living room. You can fit a sleek TV unit in the corner of your living room without obstructing the area. The angled design uses an otherwise useless hub, maximises space utilisation, and helps you view the TV from any direction. Also, some corner TV unit designs have multiple shelves, so they can be used for displaying decorative items or as a complete  entertainment unit  with your DVD player and speakers placed on them. 

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Open Shelves TV design

When you want a TV unit for multiple usages, an open shelves design is the right one. The open shelves let you use your TV unit as a showcase for prizes, pictures, books, indoor plants, figures, and other collectables. The trendy design enhances your living room aesthetics. Also, the area around your TV set is utilised to the maximum providing a distinctive look to your living room. 

Floating shelves TV unit design

Floating shelves TV unit designs are a fantastic way to display your TV in a compact living room. These modern  wall units  leave your floor free for walking. Also, they can be placed anywhere on the wall, giving you ample options for display. Just add a few decorative items to them, and your excellent  wall units  will be the centrepiece of your living room. 

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Wooden TV Unit design (H3)

Add a timeless wooden TV unit to your living room for a classic makeover this festive season. Your wooden TV unit will be suitable for every kind of interior design, from traditional to modern and from rustic to luxurious. It will never look odd with any colour scheme and out of style, even after years of purchase. The wood TV units come in various wood options, textures, and finishes. So, you can choose the wood TV unit in any wood colour or texture per the colour of your other furniture. A wooden TV unit will complement your home's aesthetics in your design.  

Glass TV unit design

One of the most popular and modern designs is the glass  TV cabinet design.  They are perfect for a modern living room décor and small living rooms. The glass shelves blend perfectly with any colour scheme, or you can go for black  glass shelves  to add elegance to your living room. The compact design takes little space, so you have space for other furniture. Usually, the glass TV units come with metal boundaries or stands, giving them a stylish, modern look. 

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Check out  Nilkamal Furniture  for the trendiest  TV units online.  These stylish TV unit designs will help you choose the perfect TV unit for your living room. Explore different designs and change the look of your living room.
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