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October 03, 2023

Stylish Wardrobe Designs To Optimise Your Space


Choosing the right  wardrobe design  is paramount to ensure your bedroom looks visually appealing and you have enough storage space for your clothes. This article will list the top stylish  wardrobe  designs. These  wardrobe  designs are perfect for maximising the space in your bedroom and ensuring an incredible visual appeal. Choose from a metal almirah to a  corner wardrobe  and from a  wardrobe with drawer  to a  sliding wardrobe design.  All the designs are constructed to provide optimal storage without occupying much space. This guide will assist in choosing the ideal  wardrobe design for bedroom



Your  wardrobe  is the perfect storage space. It is handy to store many things in an organised manner, making it easier to access them. However, not all  wardrobe  designs are the same. The right  wardrobe design  will provide optimal storage space and add to your bedroom décor without occupying much floor space. In most modern homes, storage space is a premium. Therefore, you need a space-saving  wardrobe design for bedroom.  Get a fantastic range of space-saving  wardrobe  designs constructed for maximum storage space. Explore the stylish range of space-saving wardrobe designs to maximise your space. 


Space Optimising Wardrobe Design

Newer designs of modern wardrobes are created with the help of advances in technology and craftsmanship in  wardrobe design.  Newer  wardrobe  designs are crafted considering contemporary lifestyles, focusing on space optimisation and superior aesthetics.


These are the best space-saving and visually appealing  wardrobe  designs to suit your need for space maximisation perfectly:


Multi-Door Wardrobe

Who wouldn’t love a  wardrobe  that has it all? You will have numerous clothes, accessories, shoes, and much more when you love shopping and dressing. Keeping all of them on a few shelves is not possible. However, you also have a space constraint. So, instead of the traditional  2 door wardrobe,  opt for a multi-door  wardrobe design.  A  wardrobe design for bedroom  with multiple doors, such as 4 or 6 doors, has separate sections. Store all of your clothes and accessories in different sections by type. Plus, along with many shelves, you also get many drawers and more hanging space. A multi-door  wardrobe design  will have distinct space, so you will not need extra storage options for your accessories, coats or shoes. 


Sliding Door Wardrobe

A sliding door  wardrobe  is the ultimate space-saviour. The  sliding wardrobe design  is functional and requires less space than other  wardrobe  designs of the same dimension. The door slides over each other rather than open outward, so your bedroom space in front of the wardrobe is free for other use. The sleek  sliding wardrobe design  gives a more spacious and streamlined appearance to your bedroom space. Choose a  sliding wardrobe design  with glass doors or a mirror on a door with a complementing finish to your bedroom décor to make your bedroom space appear larger and airy. 


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Mirror Door Wardrobe

Compact bedrooms appear more compact with a  wardrobe,  even if of a small size. However, one cannot do without a  wardrobe.  The solution is to create a perception of space or largeness. For this, go for a  wardrobe design  with a mirror on the door/doors. The mirror reflects the light, creating a perception of extra bedroom space. A mirrored door  wardrobe  enhances your bedroom's aesthetic appeal and transforms your simple bedroom space into a spacious one. It is an excellent choice for small bedrooms, making the compact space appear brighter and more spacious. Also, with a mirror on the  wardrobe  door, you will not require a separate wall mirror or dresser. So, you save the mirror space too. However, remember to go for a large mirror on the door. A small mirror works inversely and creates an illusion of narrow space. 


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Almirah Design Wardrobe

The steel or metal almirah is a timeless  wardrobe design.  The modern almirah design wardrobes come in various sizes and finishes. The traditional  2 door wardrobe  or almirah is now also available in  3 door design.  The spacious design with shelves and drawers provides enough space to store all your clothes. And they can be easily moved when shifting house, without any damage. Their sturdiness and longevity make them the most cost-effective  wardrobe design  ever. Choose a colour or finish per your bedroom décor to give a unified and cohesive appearance. This will make your bedroom space appear expansive. 


Exterior Drawer Wardrobe

A  wardrobe with drawer  option on the inside is common. We all know the importance of drawers in a wardrobe. A  wardrobe with drawer  provides separate space to store accessories or small clothes such as undergarments separately for easy access. However, a  wardrobe  with drawers on the outside is more functional. There are several small things you have in your bedroom that are not clothes. To keep them safe, you need additional storage space. But a  wardrobe  with external drawers provides you with space for such things. You can keep your wallet, cufflinks, earrings, etc, in the external drawer for easy access. Thus, you maximise your bedroom space by getting additional storage in your  wardrobe


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White Colour Wardrobe

White is the perfect choice for a  wardrobe  colour to make a small bedroom look bigger. Contemporary homes mostly have a space crunch. So, a white colour  wardrobe  will be a perfect choice to make your compact bedroom space appear spacious. For maximum storage, you can opt for a white  wardrobe  with multiple doors and a mirror, curtailing the need for a dresser. 


Corner Fitted Wardrobe

To maximise space in your bedroom, place your  wardrobe  in the centre of the wall instead of in one corner. A  corner wardrobe  leaves the rest of the wall free, creating the illusion of space. If needed, you can keep your other furniture in that space. A  corner wardrobe  with sliding doors will help you maximise your bedroom space. 


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A space-saving  wardrobe design  is the perfect way to maximise space in your bedroom. You can choose a functional and efficient  wardrobe design  from the above list to fulfil your storage needs and make your bedroom clutter-free.  Nilkamal Furniture  has an incredible collection of modern  wardrobe  designs with optimal functionality. The collection includes wardrobes in various materials, styles, sizes and colours. Choose a  wardrobe design,  size and colour following your preference and bedroom aesthetics.

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