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May 29, 2024

What is King Size Bed? What are the Benefits of it?

A king-size bed is a wide, spacious bed designed to provide ample space while sleeping. The proportions of a king size bed are the same almost everywhere. Generally, these beds are 72-78 inches long and 72 inches wide. King size beds come in a variety of styles, including storage beds, classic beds, modular beds, and upholstered beds. These beds are either made from metal or wood. King size beds help you sleep comfortably by helping you with insomnia and restlessness. They are also great for couples because they provide enough space for both. If you have joint pain or back pain, having more room can help you sleep better.



In 2019, Fitbit collected data about sleep from about 18 countries. The results showed that India is the second most sleep-deprived country in the world. A lot of things like your habits, your stress levels, and your lifestyle affect how well you can sleep. And most of us know about these factors. But have you ever considered that your bed might be the problem?

If you're not getting a good night's sleep, you probably need to change your old bed. To improve your sleep, you can choose to buy king size bed online. In this blog, we will explore what is king size bed and understand how getting that bed can improve your sleep quality.


What is King Size Bed?

Are you wondering what is king size bed? In simple words, it is a large mattress that gives you more room to sleep comfortably. Its dimensions are designed in such a way that it gives you space and comfort to get a good night's sleep. It is one of the widest bed types available in the market. A couple can sleep pretty comfortably in this bed, with plenty of room for each person. Plus, you may be able to fit in a child with you as well.

The dimensions of a king size bed are pretty much standardised. Generally, these beds are 72-78 inches long and 72 inches wide. You may find small variations in these measurements according to the brand, but the variations are not significantly different. If you buy a king-size bed online, you will find that the measurements are very similar, but the king size bed design is different.


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Features of King Size Bed

After understanding what is king size bed, let's look at some key features of a king size bed. These features are common in every king size bed furniture.


1. Size 

You get beds in different standard sizes like twin bed, full,  queen size bed,  and king size beds. If you search online what is king size bed, you will find that it's the longest bed size. If you buy a king size bed online, the bed will be about 72 inches wide and 78 inches long. You can also find even larger beds with a length of up to 84 inches.


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2. Types

You will find king size beds of different types, such as king size beds with storage, traditional beds,  modular beds  or upholstered beds. A modular king size bed is adjustable as per your preferences. Understand the  positives and negatives  of a modular king size bed before you buy one. You can also find plenty of other king size bed design online.


3. Material

Once you understand what is king size bed, you must concentrate your research on what type of material would be better for you. King size beds are made using metal or wood. If you take a look at a king size bed online, you will find that wooden beds are more expensive. If you want to save some money, consider buying a metal king size bed.


5 Benefits of Using a King Size Bed

Now you probably have a good idea about what is king size bed. Are you wondering why you should change your good old bed to a king sized one? Here are 5 benefits that you can experience after getting a king size bed furniture.


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1. Space 

Do you have the habit of tossing, turning, and moving a lot in your sleep? If you do, you need a bigger, more spacious mattress to sleep well. Move around all you want without disturbing your partner by choosing a king size bed online.


2. Comfort 

The feeling of sleeping in a spacious bed is simply luxurious. A king size bed is large enough to fit two adults comfortably, with gracious sleeping space for each person. You can stretch out comfortably even if you are taller or need more room while sleeping. If you want to sleep with your partner and child, you can do so comfortably after you buy king size bed online.

If you have joint pain or back pain, having more space for yourself can be helpful in getting comfortable while sleeping. Elevate your comfort by getting a  polyester fibre comfy pillow.


3. Cost-effectiveness

Are you scared that a bigger bed means emptying out your wallets? Well, you don't need to worry about the cost. When you buy king size bed online, you will see plenty of budget-friendly bed options. For example, consider getting a  metal king size bed,  which is lighter and cheaper than a traditional wooden one.

You can choose a  king size bed with hydraulic storage  to get some storage space in this cost as well. If you don't need such large storage space, choose a  bed with semi-hydraulic storage space  instead.


4. Alleviate Sleep Issues

A bigger and more comfortable bed can help you in managing sleep issues like insomnia and restlessness. What is king size bed? It's a large bed designed to give you the space to breathe more comfortably. This will surely be helpful in managing your sleep concerns. You can also look for a king size bed design that is pleasant to look at so that you can sleep better.

Once you understand what is king size bed and how beneficial it is for your health and well-being, the cost of buying the bed will look like an investment. The bed will be your companion for many years to come. You can browse online and find the perfect king size bed design for your bedroom.


Summing Up

What is king size bed? It is a wide and spacious bed designed to give you more space and comfort while sleeping. Look at a king size bed as an investment in your health, your comfort, and your happiness. When you sleep better, you look more refreshed, and you have more energy to achieve your life goals.

Looking to purchase a king size bed online? Check out the impressive range of  king size beds offered by Nilkamal.  You can explore beautifully designed king size beds made of metal as well as wood. These durable beds are comfortable and come in a variety of colours to complement the ambience of your bedroom. Select your preferred king size bed design today!



What is a king size bed? 

A king size bed is a spacious mattress designed to provide ample room for comfortable sleep. It typically measures 72-78 inches long and 72 inches wide, making it one of the widest bed types available.


What are the benefits of a king size bed?

Some of the benefits are ample space, enhanced comfort, cost-effectiveness, alleviation of sleep issues, and accommodation of different sleeping preferences.


Can a king size bed alleviate sleep issues? 

Yes, a king size bed can help alleviate sleep issues such as insomnia and restlessness by providing a more comfortable sleeping space with ample room to move and relax.


What materials are king size beds made of? 

King size beds are commonly made of either metal or wood. Wooden beds are known for their durability and aesthetic appeal, while metal beds offer a lightweight and cost-effective option.


Where can I buy a king size bed online? 

King size beds are available for purchase online from a variety of retailers, including furniture stores and e-commerce platforms. Nilkamal offers a range of beautifully designed king size beds made of metal and wood, providing durability, comfort, and style. 

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