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August 14, 2023

Why King Size Bed is a Must Have?


A good night's sleep can maximise your concentration, strengthen your heart and improve your metabolism. A wide range of beds is available in the market, like queen-size, bunker, single, double and  king size beds.  Do you have trouble choosing the right-sized bed to get cosy and snuggle with your partner? This blog discusses the benefits of owning a  king size bed  in your bedroom and the difference it can make. Get  exquisite  bed furniture  with various mattresses, wardrobes, bedside tables, dressing tables, and bed from chic to sophisticated styles.  Buy king size bed online  according to your preference and bedroom decor.



Why Opt for a King Size Bed for Bedroom?

Most often, couples cosleep with their kids or pets and crave extra space to sleep comfortably. Opting for a  modern bed  design with king-size dimensions can solve their plight, making a big difference in their sleep quality. Whether you are a restless sleeper, looking for a long-term investment, or crave an extraordinary family  bed king size bed  is your ganache.



What Are the Major Reasons To Opt for a King Size Bed?

King-size beds have many advantages and improve your ease and comfort. If you are on the fence about whether to choose  king size bed  over others, read on to find the benefits below:


A Capacious Bed for Bedroom

The  king size bed  is bigger and provides ample space to accommodate all your family. If your feet stick out of the  mattress,  you may not sleep peacefully in the worry of falling off. Imagine the trouble due to cramped positions without room to shift different positions on the  bed  throughout the night. Only a capacious, king-size  modern bed  can solve these issues and promote a good night's sleep, enhancing overall body health. The wide and long  king size beds  than single, double and queen-size alternatives give added comfort. It makes the best  modern bed furniture  for your guest room to accommodate more than two guests. You can say goodbye to frequent tossing overs due to insufficient space and sleep peacefully at night without much motion transfer.  King size bed  is an excellent family choice to lay down and reposition amid your kids, pets or partner.  


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Additional Storage Space

Limited storage space can create a clumsy bedroom and lead to a cluttered house. If you want to store your  bedroom  essentials effortlessly, you need extra storage space and  king size beds  can offer box/hydraulic storage options. You can access your bedroom essentials hassle-free from under-bed wide drawers, a headboard or box storage. For smaller bedrooms, a  king size bed  with a drawer can pull off a decluttered look and help store your off-season bedding. 


A Design Diversity Essential

You can choose  king size beds  depending on variety, style, material, design, and upholstery. Solid wood can be a go-to option for a timeless and vintage look. You can opt for engineered wood with  modern bed  designs for a contemporary take. Opt for upholstered beds to add a pinch of glamour to your  bed.  Or choose statement bedroom furniture pieces to add warmth and craze to your bedroom. Check out the range of premium designs and enjoy hassle-free doorstep delivery.  


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A Worthy Investment

You may own a  queen size bed  or  double-size bed  for you and your partner. But in the future, when you have kids or buy pets, you must upgrade them to a  king size bed/  add a  single bed.  Buying  king size bed  in the first place can save money and be a smart investment choice. 



Factors To Check Before Buying a Bed for Bedroom

Before buying your  bed,  check the below factors:


Bedroom Size

Contemplate your bedroom size and decide whether you want to buy a queen or a  king size mattress.  Depending on your room size and dimensions, choose your favourite design. Always measure your size before purchasing to avoid space mismatch. Leave at least twenty-four inches by the side to move freely without hitting the wall. The  king size bed  is ideal for spacious or smaller rooms with more than twenty-four inches of side space.


Family Members and Sleeping Partner

Determine the amount of sleeping space depending on whom you sleep with by your side regularly. Do you sleep only with your partner, do your kids sleep in the same  bed , or do you wish to accommodate your pets too? To enhance your comfort, go for  king size bed  and cuddle with your partner, pet and kids together.


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Your Weight and Sleeping Position

Considering your body weight, height, and sleeping position is another crucial factor in selecting a king from the  queen-size mattress.  The size, weight, and sleeping position are also important in choosing a queen or king mattress. If you or your partner are tall and need extra space for your legs, go for king-size beds. Also,  king size beds  help people with mobility issues. Choose king-sized beds for added comfort and less motion transfer if your weight is higher. If you are not a side sleeper but prefer sleeping on your back or stomach, a king mattress can offer more space and good-quality sleep.



Chart out your styling needs, bedding preferences and their cost. King mattresses are costlier than queen size or single beds. Depending on your budget, choose a king-size bed design. Opt for  king size bed  for your bedroom for quality sleep and ample space.  Buy king size bed online  to get amazing discounts and seasonal offers for your  bed furniture  purchases.


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King size bed  can give more space to accommodate all your family members. It can fit your fur babies and kids, offering a comfortable night's sleep. A spacious  king size bed  with matching bedding and carefully curated bedroom furniture pieces with fancy headboards and drawers are perfect for an ultimate bedroom experience.  Buy king size bed online  from  Nilkamal Furniture  if you want to make a long-term investment choice and hassle-free doorstep delivery. Also, explore various  bed furniture  options from Nilkamal to elevate your bedroom look.

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