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July 13, 2023

5 Protection Tips for Your Living Room Table This Monsoon


living room table  is a functional piece of furniture adding elegance to the grain and tone of your living room. But how to protect the  living room table  during monsoon dampness and yet enjoy the rain with full vigour? Explore the top five tips to save your  table  from monsoon damage.  Buy table  for your living room to grab your catch-all for tea cups or rainy-day reads at an affordable price.


Top Five Preventive Measures to Keep Your Living Room Table Intact During Monsoon

Wooden tables are susceptible to monsoon dampness producing a musky smell and mould growth. Use the below tips to keep your tables moisture-free:


Use Humidifier

Humidity can harm your wooden  table  by making them swell and attract moulds. A dehumidifier can maintain the health of wooden furniture preventing wooden furnishings from undergoing compositional changes. It helps to prolong the life of pieces of furniture during the rainy season. If your  table  has drawers, apply oil to open and close them effortlessly.


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Clean Regularly

Keep the room clean and dry using a disinfectant like phenol to keep humidity at bay. If you have wooden flooring, polish or wax them to keep moisture away. Ventilate your rooms as much as possible during monsoon. Dust wooden surfaces regularly to prevent mould growth on your favourite  end table.


Use Lacquer

Apply a varnish or lacquer coating to your wooden  living room table  yearly or once in two years to fill the pores. It enhances longevity and prevents the wood from swelling due to excess moisture.


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Control Moisture

Use water absorbents like camphor or naphthalene balls to regulate moisture in theliving room table. You can use natural alternatives like cloves or neem leaves to prevent dampness. Controlling moisture through them help keep pests and termites away during the rainy season. You can pull yourend table towards the centre, away from the wall, to prevent damage during the rainy season.


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Glass Table Maintenance During Monsoon

Dust, grime and dirt deposits on your glass tabletop can stick to the glass surface and spoil its beauty. You might keep dirty umbrellas or mud-stained bags on yourtable. To keep thetable neat during monsoon, use a soft rag, warm water and soap and maintain its look. You can use glass cleaners to keep them shiny for a long.


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Tips to Keep Your Home Monsoon Ready

Let us explore some handy tips to prepare for the monsoon to avoid tackling mildew deposits, water damage or repairs.


Waterproof Walls And Roof

Rectify the cracks and crevices on walls or roofs by sealing them with a waterproof coating before the monsoon arrives. It prevents unnecessary water seepage and chaos in your living room. If you witness peeling paint on your walls, it indicates water dampness, and you should treat it immediately to prevent further damage. Use bleach water solution to scrap off mould deposits from walls.


Close Your Windows And Doors

A general rule of thumb to prevent rainwater from entering your house is to seal the windows and doors using rubber, silicone or foam sealants. 


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Maximize Sunlight

Go for sheer curtains to allow maximum sunlight during monsoon and prevent microbial growth. Change your heavy carpets or other living room upholsteries that can absorb moisture. Try putting moisture absorbers like gel packets in books and clothes and prevent them from becoming musty. Heavy fabrics can trap musty odours in the living room, while sheer ones keep them dry and odour-free.


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Avoid Wet Clothes

Do not put wet clothes on top of your  living room table  to stay away from moisture. Refrain from using a wet cloth for cleaning your  table  and replace it with dry wiping fabrics. Use gentle cleaning solutions and avoid abrasive cleaners that can harm the finishing.


Keep Smelly Footwear Away

Footwear comes in direct contact with dust and mud regularly. Wash it and scare off dirt with detergent and warm water. If you don't have the time, keep the shoe rack outside the house and let them breathe fresh air. Alternatively, to avoid moisture build-up inside shoe rack cabinets, use charcoal and keep them dry.


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Rain brings pleasure, but to enjoy rain droplets through the window by sipping a hot chai on a woodentable, you should prevent havoc due to moisture build-up. Do not let the rain ruin your woodenliving room table by following the simple tips of this blog.Buy table online fromNilkamal Furniture, a trusted manufacturer for your living room furniture needs and enjoy choosing from myriad furniture options.

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