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July 13, 2023

10 Trendy and Functional Wooden Bookshelf Design to Style Your Home

Are you a bookish person, a voracious reader with shelves full of books? Then, you should own a  bookshelf  that complements your aesthetics. Dedicate a space in your living room to store your books hassle-free with a trending  bookshelf design

Let us explore top trending  bookshelf  ideas in this blog to amp up your room. Invest in trending  bookshelf design,  whether free-standing, corner  wooden book shelf,  home library or divider design, minimalistic, industrial, rustic, or geometric designs according to your preference.  Buy bookshelf  and display artwork, souvenirs, plants, and other folders apart from your favourite books.


How To Choose the Perfect Bookshelf Design for Your Interiors?

If you are confused or find it daunting to pick the right  book shelves online,  follow the below tips:

  • While purchasing  book shelves online,  select the one that suits your decor, utility, and storage requirement.
  • Measure your space and  bookshelf  dimensions before purchasing  book  shelves online
  • Consider your accessibility levels and select a piece of sturdy furniture accordingly.
  • Match eclectic or vintage vibes of your decor to stay on the same page and not look odd.


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Transform Your Home Into a Bibliophiles Paradise with Trending Bookshelf Designs

Investing in aesthetically compelling bookshelves can excite you if you are a bibliophile and love to stock good books in a single place. While many do-it-yourself methods are available for making a  bookshelf,  a wise choice is displaying your books in charm using furniture. Below are some top trending  bookshelf design  for your home decor:


Classic Urban Nilkamal Cliff Five Tier Wooden Book shelf (Urban Walnut/Oak White)

It is one of the best  wooden book shelf  designs that save space yet offer sufficient book storage. It is a reliable engineered wood construction with a resistant melamine finish boasting an urban look. This cliff  bookshelf  is accessible and houses a variety of books in an organized fashion. You can keep your most-used books at your reach and stock other books at the top or bottom, depending on your preference.


Quirky Nilkamal Edgar Storage Cabinet

This Nilkamal's Edgar  book almirah  offers a blend of side and top panels, allowing easy organization and segregation. Moreover, you can stock your books in the shutter compartment while your souvenirs in the open shelves. This quirky design can be a stylish addition to your room to amp up the decor.


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Rustic Nilkamal Quadra Engineered Wood File Storage Cabinet (Natural Oak/Classic Walnut)

If you want a rustic vibe in your home, opt for Nilkamal's Quadra  book almirah,  which has a thick understructure with swing doors and adjustable levers. When you have kids around meddling with your bookshelves, this storage cabinet with a compelling design can be a great pick with ample storage space and a dual-toned finish.


Statement Style Beauty Nilkamal Troy Book Case (New Wenge) 

Are you looking for a triple-compartment  wooden book shelf?  Try this trending statement-style beauty from Nilkamal with a thick particleboard body standing on plastic bushes for your home. New wenge colour can amp up your interiors, providing enough space to line up your books in order. Additionally, use this Troy Bookcase as a display unit to blend your living space with charm and inviting vibes.

Multifunctional Nilkamal Damius Storage Cabinet (Urban Walnut)

A timeless masterpiece that stands tall on elegance and functionality always stays in trend. Nilkamal's Damius  book almirah  is no exception. With carefully curated glass doors and wooden  book shelves  for cutlery, books and display pieces, this is a must-have to fill your space with versatility. Books are your prized possessions, and a safe, durable  bookshelf  is a worthy investment that vibes with the trend.


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Elegant Nilkamal Halo Three-Tier Storage Cabinet (Urban Walnut)

If you want to  buy bookshelf  for your living room, go for minimalistic yet elegant storage units while complementing your decor. Nilkamal's Halo three-tier storage is ideal for a chic  bookshelf design  that infuses warmth with its urban walnut shade. You can store your books, magazines, and newspapers in their three-tier storage space.


Space Hero Nilkamal Cliff Four-Tier Bookshelf (Urban Walnut/Oak White)

If you suffer from space cringe and looking for a trendy  bookshelf design,  Nilkamal's four-tier cliff  bookshelf  is an ideal option. Edge bending on visible sides and tall construction is a space saviour for elegant homes and favourite books. 


Industrial Nilkamal Cary Book Case (New Wenge)

It is a classic industrial-style  wooden book shelf  with four-tier storage and shutter doors. It exudes elegance and sophistication while providing ample space to organize your books. This Cary  bookshelf design  can be a display stand and standalone office-storage unit, blending functionality and charm.


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Open-closed Nilkamal Boston Book Case (New Wenge)

A blend of display furniture and storage unit, this Nilkamal's Boston  bookshelf design  has open and closed shelves for securing your favourite books. While complementing the modern decors, they are utility pieces with two open and one shutter shelf.  Buy bookshelf  to get an understated sense of style and a utility marvel.

Contemporary Nilkamal Joss Book Case

If you are a fan of  wooden book shelf,  buy Jose bookcase that provides a functional way to display your books and other decorative items. It adds an artistic flair to your room by adding a touch of contemporary style. The minimal ornamentation gives space to store your showpieces and organise your books.


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A decluttered room with books hither and thither can steal the vibes and your reading interest. Investing in trending  bookshelf design  can break the monotony, and a perfect one can bring a vibrant twist to your decor.  Buy bookshelf  from  Nilkamal Furniture  for modern, rustic, quirky, contemporary, and unique designs to organize your books.

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