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March 03, 2022

Enhancing the Interiors of Your Home with Ethnic Art

Adding a few desi elements to your décor, like queen size bed designs, can make your home look more inviting and colourful. You can do the same for your bedroom, and a few budget-friendly decor ideas can give your interiors an ethnic makeover. A traditional theme is what many Indians prefer, but most people now live in apartments that are quite compact, and this has changed design ideas to be more minimalistic. Bedroom design ideas can also be easy on the pocket, and modern apartments can get a desi touch with various colour schemes and themes, wooden or metal furniture, sliding wardrobe, and other artistic ideas even on a minimum budget.


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Bedroom Design Ideas with Minimal Changes

With the right design ideas, you can transform the ambience of your bedroom with the most minimal changes. You can create a desi royal space with queen size bed designs, simple art ideas, and colour themes. Mirror frames and wardrobe online can also add to a luxurious look; by placing them as decor elements, they can add a touch of beauty to your interiors. Using carved wooden mirror frames adds a lot of elegance to the room. Wooden carved frames and showpieces can also add a lot to traditional aesthetics. All of this does not require you to remove or rearrange furniture; you just need to find the right corner or space in your room to place a mirror or wooden frame. You can use existing shelves, queen size bed designs, or side tables to place simple showpiece items. You can do all of this on a minimum budget as well.


Incorporating Ethnic Themes to Storage Solutions for Your Bedroom

Storage cabinets, queen size bed designs, and sideboards or side tables are essential in any bedroom. Sideboards and wardrobe online can be made to have an Indian traditional look with intricate carvings and patterns and therefore add to the room's decor. Some designs, such as the jalli design, have a unique desi look. So you can add a rustic and traditional design to the most mundane looking yet necessary furniture items like a sliding wardrobe.


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Indian Art Ideas that can Brighten up Your Bedroom

India is known for its rich heritage in art and craft. Hardwoods like Sheesham wood and teak wood have been used for generations in India for queen size bed designs. Intricately designed wooden furniture can give your interiors the most authentic Indian look. Wooden Jharokhas, for example, can be excellent as wall décor and can liven up plain interiors. Jharokhas are available with detailed carving that lend a more luxurious and rustic element to your room. India also has a variety of folk art that you can use to decorate your bedroom. Queen size bed designs, display units or shelves in unnoticed corners of your room can be adorned with a few decorative showpieces and highlighted with a table lamp or other lighting option. There are colourful folk art figurines available that are not very expensive. Take your pick of figurines to showcase the art form and enhance the décor of your bedroom and sliding wardrobe.


The Importance of Lighting in your Bedroom

Lighting is an effective tool to highlight certain areas of a room, and it is also one of the most budget-friendly ways to enhance the look of your décor. Lantern shaped lighting fixtures bring out the Indian theme the best. A preferred lantern lighting option would be a patterned Morrocan hanging light and mosaic lights. The intricate design of such lighting elements creates a beautiful glow in the room and enhances the look of art pieces, wardrobe online, and furniture. Make the right choice with lighting and lighting fixtures to improve the ambience of your room.

How Carpets can Enhance Bedroom Design Ideas

People may not use carpets or rugs very often in India, but you will be surprised how much they can enhance the look of your bedroom. There are several patterns and vibrant colour combinations that you can choose from. Many carpets have Indian theme designs and colours that are quite traditional, thus adding to the ethnicity of the décor. You can place rugs at the foot of your bed or on the side as well. With bright colours and eye-catching designs, carpets can make quite a difference to your interiors. Hand-woven rugs and a sliding wardrobe can also add an element of luxury to your bedroom.


Use the Right Bed Linen to Highlight the Ethnic Flavor of your Bedroom

Several bed sheets, pillow and cushion cover fabrics and prints showcase Indian art. From embroidery, beadwork, hand block print, Worli art and many other folk printing styles available, you can choose what goes best with the other aspects of your bedroom and sliding wardrobe. You can get a whole matching set of bed sheets and pillow covers along with a bed cover and quilt. In a bedroom, the focal point is the bed frame, and with the right bed linen choice, you can highlight the rest of your room.


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To Conclude

These ethnic bedroom and sliding wardrobe design ideas are what every Indian will love. They can give your room a regal and traditional look but are inexpensive at the same time. So don't hesitate to try out these decor ideas to liven up the ambience of your room.


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