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July 24, 2023

Get the Right Size of Mattress for Your Bedroom and Have a Great Night's Sleep


Well, it may seem easy to get the right  bed dimension,  but let me tell you, it's not. There goes a lot of research in choosing the right  bed dimension  for you as many sizes are available catering to different needs. In such a case, you need to thoroughly assess your needs, explore different choices of  bed dimension,  and then decide on the right  mattress.  This is a lot of work to do. So, here is an expert guide that will help you differentiate between different  bed dimension  and  buy mattress  that suits your needs the best. A bedroom requires a lot more than just a  mattress.

So, before buying a mattress, let us first know about the different  bed  dimensions available in the market for the different needs of the user and how to choose the right  mattress  considering your needs. 


The Different Bed Dimensions for Different Needs

Here are the different sizes of  mattress  that will help you  buy bed online.


Small Single Mattress Size

These mattresses are typically the size of a crib  mattress.  In most situations, once your infant outgrows the cot, they can also be used as toddler beds. The usual dimensions are 75" long and 30" wide.


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Twin Bed Mattress Size

38" wide x 75" long is the standard size for a single, twin, or bunk  mattress.  Besides a toddler  bed  or cot, you would need help finding a  bed  smaller than this one.

Typically, twin mattresses are the best option for kids who have outgrown cribs and toddler beds and are prepared to transition to a larger  mattress


Furthermore, twin beds are:


  • An excellent option for people with small rooms.
  • Sharing a room with siblings.
  • Needing to sleep in close quarters.


Bunk beds, dorm room beds, and guest rooms are all frequent uses for twin beds.


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Twin XL Mattress Size

These mattresses are typically the subcategories of double  bed  mattresses. Usually measuring 80" L and 38" W, the twin XL  mattress  could be ideal for an adult seeking a space-saving and comfortable  bed.  Additionally, a king frame can accommodate two double/twin XL beds. Two different mattresses might be a practical option if you and your partner have different firmness preferences.


Full Bed Mattress Size

Standard  double mattresses,  which are 54" wide and 75" long, are full-size mattresses. The Full size suits adults requiring more space than a twin can provide.

You might have better options if you're in a relationship because it will fit tight. However, some couples on a budget might prefer the full bed's cost to that of the king and queen models. Consider a broader alternative if a child or pet sleeps next to you.


Full XL Mattress Size

A Full XL version measures 54" x 80", giving you an additional 6 inches of legroom and offering more than sufficient space for singles. This is an excellent alternative if you don't need more width but want more leg space.


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Queen Mattress Size

60" x 80" are the dimensions of  queen-size mattresses.  Typically, they are long and wide enough to accommodate most sleepers. A  queen bed  might be ideal for people who share a bed with their partner, child, or pet. Considering the living space when looking at these larger sizes is vital. queen and larger sizes take up more space than twin or full sizes, which may limit your capacity to move around the  bedroom  easily. This will be fine if your bedroom is bigger.

King Mattress Size

A typical  king-sized mattress  is 76" wide and 80" long. If you compare this to other possibilities, a king is equivalent to two twin XL beds. Except in cases where your room is at least 12 by 12, we advise staying away from this size. Thismattress is ideal for couples who desire extra space for themselves and sleep with their children or pets. 


How to Decide the Right Mattress for You

When you  buy bed online,  consider these points to get the best.


Size of Your Bedroom

A tightly spaced bedroom with little to no room to move around is a big no, no. Therefore, it is essential to consider the size of your room before making a decision.


Consider the One Using It

The correct size of the  mattress  depends on who will use it. If the  mattress  is for a child, teen, or single sleeper, you should focus on twin, twin XL, or full sizes. However, a queen size or larger would be ideal if the  bed  is for a couple.


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Sleeping Positions

The amount of room you require may depend on how you sleep. Some people prefer to sleep in postures that require more space, in which case a more significantmattress size might be appropriate. On the other hand, a smallerbed would work if you spread out less.



Your size selection will depend on your budget because larger sizes cost more. Therefore, even though you might like a larger  mattress,  if your budget is tight, you could have to  buy mattress  that is smaller.


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Making a comfortable and welcoming  bed  requires choosing the proper  mattress size  and bed size. You can choose to suit your unique wants and preferences by comprehending the  mattress size  chart and  bed dimension details provided in this article.

So, use the above guide to choose the right  mattress  and  buy mattress  for you from  Nilkamal Furniture.  Check out the website now to  buy bed online  and other bedroom essentials. Explore the collection of bedroom essentials, including beds,  bedside tables,  dressing tables,  wardrobes,  and many more. So, check out the collection and  buy bed online  with other essentials.

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